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Tarkan Albums : Tarkan
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Alicia Keys Albums : The Diary of Alicia Keys AlbumAyria Albums : AyriaTarkan Albums : TarkanBryan Adams Albums : You Want It You Got It AlbumBackstreet Boys Albums : A Night Out With The Backstreet Boys  Live In Germany
Tarkan Albums : Karma AlbumTarkan Albums : Dudu AlbumTarkan Albums : Aacayipsin AlbumTarkan Albums : TarkanTarkan Albums : Tarkan  Couer de Lion  Album
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*shayaan2009-03-14 13:29:54 - 48322
hi tarkan
hi tarkan how are you i like all songs very much but there is one thing that i dont like and that is your such koony person i've never seen koony boy like you before in my all life hahahahahhahahha
*salma2008-03-30 03:52:06 - 40323
I love you
i love sow mush tarkanyou are my favourite singuer i listen to all your cds and i have alle your pictures i love you tarkan
*Orxan Nasibli2008-01-18 19:56:57 - 37688
Hi Trkan
Hi Tarkan.my name is Orxan,from Azerbayjan.Tarkan bilirsin,benim senin sesin gibi sesim var.ben warki soylemek isterim.Seninle bir yerde double,yani duet warkilar soylemek isterim.my email adress is versetti777mail.ru hope to hear you soon
*cristina dariagan2007-12-24 07:30:47 - 36784
i love u tarkan is very nice eyes i love u
is my add *MASKED@EMAIL.ADRS* i love u tarkan
*Keri2007-07-07 22:24:08 - 28797
I was just in Istanbul, my 5th time, I love you city and country. Your music is beautiful... I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.... good luck!!
*Nahid2007-06-25 10:03:48 - 28018
How r u?
Hi Tarkan im Nahid from Iran i sent u Email ago.pls send me Email my email is*MASKED@EMAIL.ADRS*
by im waiting
*Nahid2007-06-24 08:24:01 - 27976
Hi Tarkan how r u?im Nahid fron IRAN.Tarkan I LOVE U very much.Its my Email*MASKED@EMAIL.ADRS*
plz send me email.if i came to Turkay i want see u its my dream.i wish u happiness.by my dear
*you love2007-05-03 03:24:49 - 19843
youa re sexy sexy boy
*namie2007-02-17 10:19:28 - 16232
how r u
hai tarkan my name is namie i'm from indonesia n i look u picture,u know i'm very2 like u picture n u album.when u come 2 indonesia i hope u want come 2 indonesia.i'm wait u,ok.bay2.


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