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Making a picture gallery (100% FREE service)
Make your Photo gallery (photo BLOG) in 3 easy steps, Register, Login, Upload
1- Register (make a username) for yourself on the website
It is easy, Just add your name and your Email, you will be sent an Email with a link, click that and it will take you to the next step
2- Log In to the website
Simply enter your username and password on any page on the left, and you are in.
3- Upload your photos
So simple, just click browse, find the images on your computer, Add a name and description if you like, and click upload, they will be added to your gallery for you to organise later
Pictures you upload you can delete, Change details of picture, or hotlink to from any other website (some restrictions apply)
Upload the pictures you have taken with your mobile phone or digital camera, Give your gallery URL to your friends and family, Have them comment on your pictures, Vote for them, Delete the comments you do not like, Use those pictures on a forum or Blog, The possibilities are endless


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  • Register
  • Once you enter your email address, You will get an Email, in that email you will find a link., Simply click the link, and chose a username and password
  • You are now registered at the website and ready to upload and organise your photos and images
  • Go to the upload page, and start uploading your pictures and photos

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