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We are sorry but you need to be logged in to upload your files and images.

If you are already a PxDrive member, you may login to Upload your files, If not then please register, it is free.

Why do i need to be logged in to upload ?

Good question,
1- We want to know who can delete images or update them (You), if our system can not identify you, We will not be able to give you that option.
2- We want to be able to group your files in 1 place, we need a criteria to do that and that criteria is your user name

Will you expose my email address ?

No, not to anyone, Unless the law requires that, and how often does that happen

Why do you need my Email address anyway ?

If you lose your username and password, we need a place to send you a new one to

What can i upload

You can upload single images, or compressed files containing images, If you upload a supported compressed file (like .zip), we will extract the zip file and upload all the images in that file, you can organize them and add your comments after that.

Why ?

Multi file uploads are a pain, and your browser does not support selecting a folder, And for some image file types, compression reduces that size so you can upload faster !

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  • Once you enter your email address, You will get an Email, in that email you will find a link., Simply click the link, and chose a username and password
  • You are now registered at the website and ready to upload and organise your photos and images
  • Go to the upload page, and start uploading your pictures and photos

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