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Ministry - Rio Grande Blood album cover
 Rio Grande Blood is Ministry's tenth studio album. It was released on May 2, 2006.

The title of the album is a parody of the 1972 ZZ Top album Rio Grande Mud.

The album contains very political lyrics, making frequent allusions to the current George W. Bush administration. Some of the issues raised include the occupation of Iraq by U.S. troops, U.S. immigration policy and U.S. military policy (particularly the US Marine Corps in the song "Gangreen"). The Halliburton corporation is also quoted and linked to the Bush administration. The track "Seor Peligro" appears to come out in support of Hugo Chvez - the President of Venezuela - against the U.S. government: "Seor Peligro" is Spanish for "Mr. Danger", a nickname that Chvez uses for Bush.

The album also contains allegations of Bush administration complicity in the 9/11 attacks in the track "Lieslieslies", which contains audio samples from the conspiracy documentary Loose Change. The song received a nomination for Best Metal Performance at the 49th annual Grammy Awards.

Samples of genuine Bush soundbites are cut-and-pasted together at various points to satirical effect: for example, the title track begins with Bush stating "I have adopted sophisticated terrorist tactics and I'm a dangerous, dangerous man".

Contrary to some reports, the voice credited as "Sgt. Major" is not R. Lee Ermey.

The album will be re-released in remixed form as Rio Grande Dub in Spring 2007.

Track listing

1. "Rio Grande Blood" 4:24
2. "Seor Peligro" 3:38
3. "Gangreen" (featuring Sgt. Major) 6:00
4. "Fear (Is Big Business)" 4:51
5. "Lieslieslies" 5:16
6. "The Great Satan Remix" 3:09
7. "Yellow Cake" 4:35
8. "Palestina" 3:18
9. "Ass Clown" (featuring Jello Biafra) 6:42
10. "Khyber Pass" (featuring Liz Constantine) 7:31
11. "Silence" - 0:04
12. "Silence" - 0:06
13. "Sgt. Major Redux" (featuring Sgt. Major) 1:45
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