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Ministry - Dark Side Of The Spoon album cover
 Dark Side of the Spoon is an album by Ministry, released on June 8, 1999. There are two theories behind the title, the first being a play on words, it is easily noticed as a parody of The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. The second is a reference to the blackened or dark side of a spoon when heated to dissolve heroin, as the band suffered from addiction of said substance at the time. "Bad Blood" was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance at the Grammy Awards of 2000.

Track listing

1. "Supermanic Soul" (Jourgensen/Barker/Svitek/Washam/Hukic) 3:13
2. "Whip and Chain" (Jourgensen/Barker/Coon/Svitek) 4:23
3. "Bad Blood" (Jourgensen/Barker/Coon/Washam) 4:59
4. "Eureka Pile" (Jourgensen/Barker/Svitek/Washam) 6:22
5. "Step" (Jourgensen/Barker/Washam) 4:06
6. "Nursing Home" (Jourgensen/Barker/Washam) 7:02
7. "Kaif" (Jourgensen/Barker/Svitek/Washam) 5:25
8. "Vex & Siolence" (Jourgensen/Barker/Svitek/Washam/Hukic) 5:24
9. "10 / 10" (Jourgensen/Barker/Svitek/Washam) 3:43
10. "Happy Dust" - 6:18 (Japanese bonus track)

* There is a hidden track at Track 69, referred to as "Linda Summertime"
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