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Helmet - Strap It On album cover
 Strap It On is the first album by Helmet. Originally released in 1990 through Amphetamine Reptile Records, it was subsequently rereleased by Interscope in November 1991.

Critics considered the album innovative for its explosive, propulsive, and often staccato riff style which greatly exploited drop D tuning. It has since become a cult classic in underground metal/ post-hardcore. The moody, atmospheric "Sinatra" differed from most of the fast-paced, metallic songs on the album; its lyrics featured a paraphrasing of Dean Martin's famous line about the crooner, "It's Sinatra's world/ We just live in it."

Track listing:

1. "Repetition" 3:00
2. "Rude" 4:13
3. "Bad Mood" 2:15
4. "Sinatra" 4:31
5. "FBLA" 2:40
6. "Blacktop" 3:20
7. "Distracted" 3:12
8. "Make Room" 3:28
9. "Murder" 4:03

(All tracks by Hamilton)
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