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Helmet - Born Annoying album cover
 Born Annoying is a compilation album of Helmet's early songs, released in 1995 by their old label, Amphetamine Reptile, a.k.a. AmRep. It is a collection of singles, B sides, compilation tracks, and other rarities spanning from the band's inception in 1989 until they were signed to Interscope in 1992. However, the band did record two songs in 1993 that were released through AmRep; they are included here.

The cover art is a bronze-colored version of the same photo used on the "Born Annoying" 7" single. (It was light green back then.)

Track listing:

1. "Born Annoying" - (1989 demo session, released as A side of debut 7" single on AmRep, 1989)
2. "Rumble" - (1989 demo session, released as B side of debut 7")
3. "Shirley MacLaine" - (1989 demo session, released on re-issue of Born Annoying single in CD maxi-single format, 1993)
4. "Geisha To Go" - (1989 demo session, previously unreleased)
5. "Taken" - (1990 Strap It On sessions outtake; released on Ugly American Overkill compilation EP, AmRep, 1991) (and also on the re-issue of Born Annoying single in CD maxi-single format, 1993)
6. "Oven" - (originally by the Melvins; released on Smells Like Smoked Sausages singles collection, Sub Pop, 1992)
7. "Your Head" - (B side to original Unsung 7" single, AmRep, 1991)
8. "No Nicky No" - (B side to "In The Meantime" 7" single, AmRep, 1992. "In the Meantime" was also on the album "Meantime" released on Interscope)
9. "Primitive" - (originally by Killing Joke; A side of 7" single, AmRep, 1993)
10. "Born Annoying" - (Updated 1993 version, B side of Primitive 7" single)
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