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Amy Winehouse - You Know i m not Good single cover
 "You Know I'm No Good" is the second single from Amy Winehouse's 2006 second album Back to Black. The track follows in the footsteps of Winehouse's previous singles of a mix of jazz and R&B with her soulful raspy vocals over it. Recorded solo, and then again with guest vocals from Wu Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah, the original appeared on Winehouse's album, whilst the version featuring Ghostface Killah appears on his album, More Fish. The bass line of the song was borrowed from House of Pain's "Jump Around".

The single was released in the UK on 8 January 2007. The track made it onto BBC Radio 1's A-list playlist. A UK edit of the remix featuring Ghostface Killah was also sent to radio, and to download services, whilst the original full-length US version, featuring Ghostface Killah namechecking Kelly Clarkson amongst others, is also receiving airplay in the US, where it has been added to numerous Rhythmic radio stations. Prior to this, Winehouse has not seen any success in the US, although her debut album Frank was released there. On the Billboard Hot 100, "You Know I'm No Good" debuted at number 90, one spot ahead of "Rehab", which also debuted on the chart in the same week.

The single peaked in the UK Singles Chart at #18 for the week ending January 14, 2007, in an excellent week for Winehouse that saw Back to Black achieve a new peak of UK #1, previous single "Rehab" return to the UK Top 20, and Frank re-enter the charts at UK #62 more than three years after its release. To date, the single, which spent a total of 11 consecutive weeks in the UK Singles Chart, has sold around 41,800 copies in the UK.

For the week of 16 January 2007, the track was chosen as the Single Of The Week on the US iTunes store as a free download.

The video was premiered on VH1 during the weekend of 3 March 2007. Following its VH1 premiere, it was placed on MTV's Big 10 rotation as of 5 March 2007 and was premiered on TRL the same day.
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Amy Winehouse - You Know i m not Good single cover
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