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Amy Winehouse - Frank album cover
 Frank is the debut album by English singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse, released by Island Records in October 2003. It was nominated for two BRIT Awards and was short-listed for the Mercury Music Prize. The album spawned the singles "Stronger Than Me", "Take the Box", "In My Bed"/"You Sent Me Flying", and "Pumps"/"Help Yourself". The title is a reference to jazz-orientated singer Frank Sinatra.

The album entered the UK Albums Chart at number thirteen in January 2004. It has since been certified platinum for shipment of more than 300,000 copies. During the chart run of Winehouse's second album, 2006's Back to Black, Frank re-entered the UK Albums Chart at number twenty-two in February 2007, as well as at number forty on two separate occasions in May 2007.

According to, Frank will be released in the United States on 21 September 2007. This is because of the success Back to Black has achieved and the demand for the album from Winehouse's American fans. The U.S. release of the album will come nearly four years after its original release in the UK.

The album is mainly a collaboration between Winehouse, who was still a teenager at the time of writing and recording, and noted hip-hop producer Salaam Remi; it features one entirely self-penned Winehouse original, "I Heard Love Is Blind". The rest of the album is mainly composed of Remi's beats and arrangements and Winehouse's lyrics, vocal melodies and guitar work. The album also features two jazz cover versions: the standard "(There Is) No Greater Love" and "Moody's Mood for Love".

Track listing:

1. "Intro." – 0:22
2. "Stronger Than Me" – 3:32
3. "You Sent Me Flying" – 6:50
4. "Know You Know" – 3:03
5. "Fuck Me Pumps" – 3:20
6. "I Heard Love Is Blind" – 2:10
7. "Moody's Mood for Love" – 3:28
8. "(There Is) No Greater Love" – 2:08
9. "In My Bed" – 5:17
10. "Take the Box" – 3:20
11. "October Song" – 3:24
12. "What It Is About Men" – 3:29
13. "Help Yourself" – 5:01
14. "Amy Amy Amy" – 4:14
15. "Outro." – 0:45
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