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Sami Yusufi Albums : Al-Mu allim Album
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4/5 (28 Votes)
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Sami Yusufi
Sami Yusufi Albums : Al-Mu allim AlbumSami Yusufi Albums : Sami Yusuf   
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*Saba Mughal2007-10-29 23:06:59 - 34694
Excellent videos and songs
i like him very much he is the one of the my favourites and he has such awonderful voice May GOD Bless him and give him many many more he has such a nice voice which i used to listen 20 times a day.he has such a wonderful personality as well. i wish him very best of luck and bright future with a muslim wife and best childern and comfortable future.please read my message.i like u will like and hear u as well.keep praying 4 me as well.Take care and Allahfiz.saba from pakistan
*Muhammad2007-10-14 09:50:30 - 34030
An Invocation
I want to say many things, and I want to write many words about Sami Yusuf, but sometimes a few words say many things, so, I would say "God bless him".

Muhammad Hamdi, Cairo, Egypt.
*buqe2006-10-11 14:47:30 - 7172
hello i am muslim and i like your song or how to say that i like to have one song to you in my imell i am 25 old please if you can doit that for me please doit if not pleas tel me ok selam my imell is*MASKED@EMAIL.ADRS*


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