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Actress joyce dewitt : 2
Voted 4.24/5 with 199 Votes
Actress joyce dewitt : 2
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so far4/5 (199 Votes)
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Joyce DeWitt
Actress joyce dewitt : 1Actress joyce dewitt : 2   
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*The Kid2008-02-07 18:15:23 - 38416
Joyce Dewitt
Joyce Dewitt's legs were the best, and it was all because of the sheer suntan pantyhose she would wear on those wonderful gams of hers.
*Begaruta2007-01-23 14:25:27 - 13284
Joyce Dewitt's legs
I agree - Joyce's legs, butt and perky boobs were fantastic. Why is it so hard to find pictures of her?!
*Riley2006-09-18 23:20:08 - 6373
Joyce deWitt
She had the best body ever!! This shot shows nipples but I am desparately seeking any picture of her in shorts or whatever because it is her perfect legs I watched the show for even a glimpse of...
She was 10 times cuter and better built than the trio of toothy, watermelon-breasted, skinny-legged blondes who shared the apt. with her and Jack Tripper.
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