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Lara and her boyfriend Nadeem
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Lara Scandar
Lara and Mohamed Bash singing togther at the fifth prime of star academy season6Lara Scandar and Bash at Star Academy Fifth Prime pictures and photogalleryLara and her boyfriend Nadeemstar academy students recent photos season six laraNasser with Lara Scandar and Mohammed Bash at Star Academy Fourth Prime
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*Nina2011-06-07 16:13:49 - 51808
Hi yaahla Larash
Lara r u still wiz dis dump guy after seeing the sexiest guy bashooo?
*liina2010-12-12 10:13:37 - 51577
no one alse only bash
lara let me tel u a story. one day a monkey looked into mirror and he saw his ugly face and then he killed him plzz lara tel him nadeem dont look into mirror coz we do wanne lose him......bash is always cute and hansome boy
*cristiana2010-06-20 14:00:28 - 51210
ya lara bash is a real man u r so lucky he need u all bash's songs for u pls don't lose a man like bash i wish u together end of life,my email's*MASKED@EMAIL.ADRS* pls add me to yours i wish a beautiful life larach together bye merci ktir
*merna2010-05-17 17:31:20 - 51053
mereno valley california
lara u are cool and i love but are stil going out with that dome ase after meating mohammed the coolest guy on earth
*ALE3SSANDRA 932009-09-18 22:59:08 - 49765
*ghinwa2009-07-17 09:47:58 - 49350
hi bash & lara
hi bash & lara i want to be together&for ever plz lara give me your e_mail & bash plz add me my e_mail is*MASKED@EMAIL.ADRS* , & i wish ther best to lara & bash love u mwahh (K)(L)........ghinwafrom lebanon
*inas2009-07-07 16:07:53 - 49302
iamm very happy lara and bash ilove you
*Heba Sebaq2009-06-16 15:52:23 - 49169
bash ygnn
lara u r so lucky to have bash, i wish one day to be on your shoes, HE IS A REAL MAN
*hawah2009-06-05 11:58:23 - 49080
bash is the man
bash is more sexier than nadim,so lara open ur eyes girl........
*mentos2009-06-03 16:28:50 - 49064
lara and her boyfriend
he is cute but i think bash is more attractive than him and more romantic
*didi2009-06-02 11:52:44 - 49052
i think bash and lara need to wake up from the dream there are so many obstacles in continuing this relatinship
*rafif2009-06-01 21:29:50 - 49046
meen a7la
bash a7laaaaaa bkteeer mn nadeeeeem bash is soo much better than him
*3asheqet lara&bash2009-05-30 18:16:31 - 49030
lara the best
nadeem mahdoom bas bash a7la meno o bel2a5er lara sa7bet el 2arar wala sho ra2ykom??
*Niat Simon2009-05-24 16:25:04 - 48992
Lara and Bash
Bash is so much better than nadim he is more sexy and cute
*dana2009-05-23 23:16:06 - 48983
i think i will through out
ewwww bash is much bettr than this garbage
*unknown2009-05-20 17:25:03 - 48945
lara and nadeem
ofcorse bash is better than this man he is discusting bash is more sexy than him
*noni2009-05-16 19:47:05 - 48908
lara and bash
of course bash is more lovely than him and am sure tht lara loves bash
*salma <32009-04-23 02:42:06 - 48725
woof.. EWW
*no-name2009-04-18 00:41:13 - 48682
no way
no way
*lorie and mari2009-04-08 18:31:15 - 48578
i rally luv u lara ....... lara and bash are the best coupile in the star academy (L)(L) AND WHO DO U LUV? (NADIM OR BASH)??????
*sarah2009-03-25 14:20:44 - 48442
salut c sarah de maroc tu es la belles lara et diala
*eyerusalem2009-03-24 18:45:29 - 48435
i love uuuuuuuuuu
my canter is ethiopia
ilove you ole spashelele
khowla plzzzzzzzz one song
you cose 10qqqqqqqq


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