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Raghav : raghav1
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4/5 (53 Votes)
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Raghav : mahesh 100Raghav : jusdat2Raghav : raghav1Raghav : 555RAGHAV
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*tamur malik2008-10-11 10:47:04 - 46516
ya u r damn damn / gud
*sheryll yousuf2008-09-02 19:51:54 - 45581
your picture is mind blowing n so beautiful,u r so dashing,i really like n ur voice is also amazing,i want to meet u n its my dream,u r my dream boy....i love u very much...plz fullfill my dream.......take care raghav God bless u dear.... n may u have long n happy life for ever n ever from loving girl sheryll...........
*biggest fan of raghav2008-07-12 22:22:23 - 44209
hey ,raghav well all i wanna say bout u ,is dat ur d best best best n best cause ur so perfect i mean ur voice totally amazin ,songs n lyrics touches straight to heart,side by side u seems to be very decent, innocent n u donot look arrogant too.I also love d way u dance n what else ican say u are just perfect .may u get best in ur life n success in ur carrer so all d best n keep it up my best wishes r always wid u.GOD BLESS U n yes most important thing dat i really looooove u my angel. plz keep connected to delhi(concerts) ok wish u lots of gud luck n kisses too.
*Ishee2008-06-19 23:09:52 - 43443
i love ragahv
*baby jay2008-02-05 21:33:42 - 38329
i love you and you look really handsome in this pics


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