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Moody Blues - Every good boy deserve favour album cover
 Every Good Boy Deserves Favour, the sixth album by the Moody Blues, was released in 1971. The album was the last to feature the Mellotron, as it would be replaced by the Chamberlin (another device that uses recorded tape to generate sound) on the Moody Blues' next studio album, 1972's Seventh Sojourn.

This album featured the first and only track to be written by all five members of the band. The opening "Procession" was a piece that was intended to describe the history of music from the beginning of time up until the album's recording. The only three words heard in this track --"desolation," "creation," and "communication" -- were similarly used (along with many other "-ation" words) in "One More Time to Live."

The album produced one top-40 single, "The Story in Your Eyes." The track "Emily's Song" was written by John Lodge for his newborn daughter.

The title is taken from the student mnemonic for the lines of the treble clef.

Track listing

1. "Procession" (Graeme Edge/Justin Hayward/John Lodge/Mike Pinder/Ray Thomas) – 4:40
2. "The Story in Your Eyes" (Hayward) – 2:57
3. "Our Guessing Game" (Thomas) – 3:34
4. "Emily's Song" (Lodge) – 3:41
5. "After You Came" (Edge) – 4:37
6. "One More Time to Live" (Lodge) – 5:41
7. "Nice to be Here" (Thomas) – 4:24
8. "You Can Never Go Home" (Hayward) – 4:14
9. "My Song" (Pinder) – 6:20
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Moody Blues - Every good boy deserve favour album cover
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