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The Doors - Waiting for the Sun album cover
 Waiting for the Sun is The Doors' third album, released in 1968. It became the band's first number one album and spawned their second number one single "Hello, I Love You". Much of the material of this album had been written around and before the time of the group's formation, such as "Hello I Love You", and "Summer's Almost Gone". The highlight of this album was supposed to be the lengthy theatric piece "Celebration of the Lizard", but in the end only the "Not to Touch the Earth" section was used. "Celebration of the Lizard" was intended to take up an entire album side, but the group was never able to get it right (they would revisit it later in its full-length form on their 1970 album Absolutely Live). Many fans have suggested once "Celebration of the Lizard" was shelved, 2 of the Doors earliest tracks were resurected and rerecorded for use to fill in the void, such tracks being "Hello I Love You" and "Summer's Almost Gone". These two tracks had been recorded in an earler arrangement for The Doors original 1965 demo.

"Celebration of the Lizard" and two early takes of "Not to Touch the Earth" were included as bonus tracks on the 40th anniversary expanded edition release of this album.

Though a strong album lyrically, musically it has often been criticized for its softer, mellow sound, a departure from the edgier, more ambitious sound that the band had become well-known (and notorious) for. Nonetheless, the album contains some rarely disputed classics, most notably the menacing "Five to One" and the evocative "Not to Touch the Earth".

Curiously enough, the title track "Waiting for the Sun" was left off this album, but would be included on the 1970 album Morrison Hotel.

Track listing:

All songs written by The Doors (John Densmore, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison).

1. "Hello, I Love You" – 2:16
2. "Love Street" – 2:51
3. "Not to Touch the Earth" – 3:55
4. "Summer's Almost Gone" – 3:22
5. "Wintertime Love" – 1:54
6. "The Unknown Soldier" – 3:25
7. "Spanish Caravan" – 3:00
8. "My Wild Love" – 3:01
9. "We Could Be So Good Together" – 2:24
10. "Yes, The River Knows" – 2:36
11. "Five to One" – 4:24
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