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Hard-Fi - in operation album cover
 In Operation is the first live DVD from HARD-Fi, filmed at the London Astoria during their sold-out tour in 2005. The DVD includes all 11 tracks from their #1 debut album Stars of CCTV, as well as a cover of The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army". In Operation also includes an additional CD entitled CCTVersions, which features dubbed versions of album tracks, produced by a host of guests including Roots Manuva and Wrongtom.

Track listing:

Disc One - DVD

Live At The Astoria

1. Middle Eastern Holiday
2. Gotta Reason
3. Unnecessary Trouble
4. Better Do Better
5. Tied Up Too Tight
6. Feltham Is Singing Out
7. You And Me
8. Seven Nation Army
9. Cash Machine
10. Hard To Beat
11. Move On Now
12. Stars Of CCTV
13. Living For The Weekend

CCTV Videos

1. Stars Of CCTV
2. Cash Machine [Version 1]
3. Cash Machine [Version 2]
4. Cash Machine [On Set]
5. Tied Up Too Tight
6. Hard To Beat
7. Hard To Beat [On Set]
8. Living For The Weekend
9. Living For The Weekend [On Set]
10. Better Do Better
11. Better Do Better [On Set]
12. Photo Gallery
13. In Operation [Channel 4 Featurette]

Disc Two - CCTVersions

1. Cash Machine [Roots Manuva Dub Remix]
2. Cash Converter [Dub Machine Part 2]
3. Better Dub Better [Wolsey White Dub]
4. Middle Eastern Holiday [Wrongtom Meets The Rockers East Of Medina Dub]
5. Living For The Weekend [Wolsey White & Fred Dub]
6. Seven Nation Army
7. Dub Of CCTV [Wolsey White Dub]
8. Better Do Better [Wrongtom Wild Inna 81 Version]
9. Dubbed Up Too Tight
10. Move On Dub
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Hard-Fi - in operation album cover
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