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The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face down single cover
 "Face Down" is the first single from the album, Don't You Fake It by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. "Face Down" was written about the lead singer's girlfriend in 2004, Madison Vickery. It has currently reached as high as #26 on the U.S. Hot 100, #16 on the U.S. Pop 100, #3 on the U.S. Modern Rock Tracks, and #20 on the U.S. Hot Digital Tracks. The song also reached #4 on the New Zealand Singles Chart. In the song, Ronnie Winters is the main vocalist, Elias Reidy is the backing vocalist and guitarist, Jon Wilkes is the drummer, Joey Westwood is the bassist, and Duke Kitchens is the rhythm guitarist. There are 4 different versions of this song including the acoustic version. A segment of the song plays on the radio in the movie Georgia Rule. It's also played very faintly in the background exactly an hour into Employee of the Month with Dane Cook. It still landed on the soundtrack.

The music video for "Face Down" follows the storyline of the song. It consists of a girl coming home, possibly after seeing her boyfriend. While at home, she examines a bruise on her back, and afterwards, she sees different items that remind her of her boyfriend (i.e. various pictures). As she examines these items, the room around her destroys itself, as if someone was throwing items around the room, however, no one else is there. After this occurs a few times, she has gathered up all the items and throws them in a garbage can, as if moving on to a new life.
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The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Don t You Fake It album coverThe Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face down single cover   
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*KimMy2007-10-05 15:34:35 - 33618
i luv this band!!!!!!!!!
Red jumpsuit apperatus is my fav band.I listen to them every day after school.My fav cd is don't ou fake it.
*jsin2007-09-03 05:39:04 - 31931
first time ever listening to this band
these guys are awesome, im kind of a pop guy myself, but this band makes me wanna rock out, they have taest, their words are daring and creative. vocals are amazing. i am definatly a fan. kuddos to the band


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