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Nickelback - Someday single cover
 "Someday" is a 2003 single by the band Nickelback, the first one from their 2003 album The Long Road. It reached number one in Canada for three weeks and the top ten in the United States.

The lyrics chronicle a failed relationship; the singer talks about how his lover is preparing to leave and wonders "how the hell'd we wind up like this". He wishes that they could discuss their issues instead of breaking up.

In the music video, we get the same impression that the song is about a failed relationship: a woman bursts into tears after reading a newspaper with someone who appears to be her boyfriend close by her side. As she leaves the house with a suitcase (echoing the lyrics "I wish you'd [...] unpack your suitcase now"), we can see the boyfriend stepping into spilled milk without leaving any traces. Later in the street, the woman leaves crying in her car while the boyfriend is apparently trying to convince her to come back, but she just cries more. She drives off and as she looks into her rear-view mirror, she can only see an empty street where her boyfriend was standing only seconds ago. The boyfriend chases her through the street up to a car accident that kills her in front of his eyes. Her spirit resurrects and she can be seen walking to her boyfriend and smiling.

Eventually, the two reunite and they walk in front of a newspaper vending machine, revealing that the boyfriend died the day before.

There has been some controversy over the similarities between this song and How You Remind Me; a comparison of the two can be heard here, where one is played through the left speaker and the other through the right. However, you will hear that the song "How You Remind Me" has had its tempo altered, which you can hear by Chad Kroegers voice not being as deep as it is in the actual recording. To be noted, both songs where cut at places, since Someday ends at 3:27, How You Remind Me ends at 3:43, while the two songs played at the same time ends at 3:09.

This song is also used in the opening credits of hit TV Series Kingdom of Trolls.
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*Aimee2008-10-10 14:39:44 - 46474
I lovee all of your music.
*Telesforo Caparaz2008-04-24 13:28:19 - 41455
their songs are the best!
*lordazu2008-03-03 19:05:28 - 39337
love you guys i love some day and far away

*Alicia2008-02-29 00:31:07 - 39203
All the comments above
I'm a photographer. the pic looks great. It would have looked better If I was taking the pic. :)
*jamie2008-02-27 08:10:30 - 39141
album cover
They should be pissed at that photographer. He ruined a beautiful shot of beautiful boys .
*Amber Foreman2007-10-16 09:41:52 - 34101
i love you you are so hot and i love your all your sing
*lauren2007-10-12 22:38:07 - 33956
*jillian2007-07-12 23:42:12 - 29178
you need to get alittle bit closer pickers and it would be good!


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