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Elton John - Victim of Love album cover
 Victim of Love is a disco album from Elton John. Recorded at Musicland, Munich and Rusk Sound Studios, Hollywood, it was not critically or commercially well-received and is his second lowest charting album to date.

Track listing:

1. "Johnny B. Goode" (Chuck Berry) 8:06
2. "Warm Love in a Cold World" (Pete Bellotte/Stefan Wisnet/Gunther Moll) 3:22
3. "Born Bad" (Bellotte/Geoff Bastow) 6:20
4. "Thunder in the Night" (Bellotte/Michael Hofmann) 4:40
5. "Spotlight" (Bellotte/Wisnet/Moll) 4:22
6. "Street Boogie" (Bellotte/Wisnet/Moll) 3:53
7. "Victim of Love" (Bellotte/Sylvester Levay/Jerry Rix) 5:02
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