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Rilo Kiley - The Execution Of All Things album cover
 The Execution of All Things is the second full length album released by Los Angeles based rock band Rilo Kiley. Expanding on their previous musical sound that mostly incorporated guitars, vocals, percussion and pianos, "Execution" contains heavy electronica sampling mixed into the songs in a rather unusual and displaced-sounding way. Also, unlike their previous tracks which were written in very traditional manners, the lyrics to the songs on "Execution" are very wordy and read like prose.

The album is also strung together by a song that is broken into pieces and that trails between several tracks. Called "And That's How I Choose to Remember It," it tells the story of lead singer Jenny Lewis' childhood and her parents' divorce. This theme is visited throughout the album, which is lyrically filled with childhood recollections of loss, displacement, anger, and hopelessness. The song "A Better Son/Daughter" is said to be about the extreme difficulty of struggling with bipolar disorder.

The songs "So Long" and "Three Hopeful Thoughts" feature lead vocals by Blake Sennett. Lewis sings lead on all other tracks.

This album is the 47th release of Saddle Creek Records.

Track listing:

All songs written by Lewis and Sennett except where noted.

1. "The Good That Won't Come Out" – 4:31
2. "Paint's Peeling" – 3:20
3. "The Execution of All Things" (Boyer, Lewis, Sennett) – 4:13
4. "So Long" – 5:27
5. "Capturing Moods" – 3:35
6. "A Better Son/Daughter" – 4:39
7. "Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunlight That Surrounds You" – 3:20
8. "My Slumbering Heart" – 5:36
9. "Three Hopeful Thoughts" – 2:50
10. "With Arms Outstretched" – 3:43
11. "Spectacular Views" – 6:20
12. "And That's How I Choose to Remember It" (bonus track)
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Rilo Kiley - The Execution Of All Things album cover
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