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Reel Big Fish - Cheer up album cover
 Cheer Up! is the fourth full length release from ska punk band, Reel Big Fish.

It is a bit of a departure from the band's other releases, with the band veering toward more of a rock sound as opposed to ska, especially on the first six tracks, where nary a syncopated drum beat or upstroke on the guitar is heard. Some fans have complained that the album is "upbeat" when compared to previous efforts. While "Good Thing," the gleeful opener, supports this claim, not much else on the CD does. Even title track "Cheer Up," which musically sounds equally joyous, actually contains lyrics that the discerning listener will notice advocate suicide and make the observation that "we're all born to lose." In this way, the album was a continuation of the band's longstanding tradition of putting self-loathing lyrics to upbeat music. The hornless single, Where Have You Been?, was a moderate success in 2002, helping album sales. The last track, Drunk Again, is sung by Reel Big Fish trumpeter/guitarist/pianist/vocalist Scott Klopfenstein. The CD cover art of the evil clown for this album was drawn by Aaron Barrett's father.

The album also contains an a capella cover of Frank Sinatra's classic "New York, New York" as well as a cover of Sublime's "Boss DJ".

Track listing:

1. "Good Thing" – 3:38
2. "Somebody Loved Me" – 3:19
3. "Ban The Tube Top" – 3:10
4. "Cheer Up" – 2:43
5. "Where Have You Been?" – 4:00
6. "Suckers" – 3:57
7. "What Are Friends For?" – 3:35
8. "A Little Doubt Goes A Long Way" – 3:19
9. "Dateless Losers" – 3:34
10. "Valerie" – 3:55
11. "Rock and Roll is Bitchin'" – 2:53
12. "New York, New York" (Frank Sinatra cover) – 3:25
13. "Sayonara Se๑orita" – 4:09
14. "Boss DJ" (Sublime cover) – 3:09
15. "Brand New Hero" – 3:39
16. "Drunk Again" – 4:49
17. Bonus Track "Kiss Me Deadly" – 3:40 (UK release)
18. Bonus Track "Rock It With I" – 3:11 (UK release)
19. Hidden Track "Give It To Me" (J. Geils Band cover) (attached to "Rock It With I" on UK release; attached to "Drunk Again" on US release)
20. Hidden Track "Average Man" (Japan only)
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Reel Big Fish - Cheer up album cover
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