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Poe - Haunted album cover
 Haunted is the second album by American singer/songwriter Poe, released in 2000 after a five year hiatus from her debut album Hello in 1995. The self-produced album was created as a tribute and counterpart to her brother Mark Z. Danielewski's novel House of Leaves.
The album found Poe combining traditional pop music notions with electronic, dance and hard rock music. A critical success and largely adored by her existing fanbase, it nonetheless flopped commercially, largely due to the manner in which it was marketed. The song "Hey Pretty" was released as a promo single, but Poe's vocals had been replaced with a chapter reading from her brother, so it only served to promote his novel instead. The music video for the song was deemed too racy for MTV (it showed Poe writhing around in mud in nothing but a bra.) A follow up promo single, "Walk the Walk," was released because it had been chosen as the theme song to a new TV drama called Girls Club. However, the show was canceled after two episodes. Finally, the title track was used as the theme song to the film "Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2," a box-office failure. The commercial failure of Poe's second album contributed to the loss of her distribution contract with Atlantic Records.

The album also featured samples of audio recordings made by Poe's late father, film director Tad Danielewski. The cassettes were found by Poe and Mark after their father had died and were literally audio-letters to the two of them that spanned back as far as their birth. Thus, the album is usually interpreted as a real woman (Poe) singing tributes to her deceased father (who sings back) even while telling the story of a group of fictional characters (from House of Leaves).

Track listing:

1. "Exploration B" (Poe) – 1:10
2. "Haunted" (Mike Elizondo, John O'Brien, Poe) – 5:20
3. "Control" (Daris Adkins, Poe, Toby Skard) – 6:03
4. "Terrible Thought" (Elizondo, O'Brien, Poe) – 4:41
5. "Walk the Walk" (O'Brien, Poe) – 4:50
6. "Terrified Heart" (Poe) – :52
7. "Wild" (Elizondo, O'Brien, Poe) – 9:00
8. "5½ Minute Hallway" (Josh Clayton-Felt, Poe) – 3:33
9. "Not a Virgin" (Elizondo, Poe, Matt Wilder) – 3:42
10. "Hey Pretty" (Kenneth Burgomaster, Poe) – 3:45
11. "Dear Johnny" (Poe) – :50
12. "Could've Gone Mad" (Adkins, Poe) – 5:21
13. "Lemon Meringue" (O'Brien, Poe, Wilder) – 3:22
14. "Spanish Doll" (Adkins, Poe) – 4:52
15. "House of Leaves" (Poe) – 1:48
16. "Amazed" (O'Brien, Poe) – 6:23
17. "If You Were Here" (Heitor Periera) – 3:20
18. "Hey Pretty" (Drive By 2001 Mix)– 3:46 *

* bonus track
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