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Paramore All We Know is falling album cover
 All We Know Is Falling (2005) is the debut album of Fueled by Ramen band Paramore. In September 2005, a special Japanese release containing the previously unreleased "O Star" was made available. In April 2006, the CD was put on shelves in the UK. The album has so far reached a peak of #8 in the UK Rock Chart. The album has also reached #30 on the Billboard's Heatseekers Chart, although failing to chart on the Billboard 200. To date, the album has managed to sell 81,432 copies in the United States.

Track listing:

1. "All We Know"
2. "Pressure" (used in the game the Sims 2)
3. "Emergency"
4. "Brighter"
5. "Here We Go Again"
6. "Let This Go"
7. "Whoa"
8. "Conspiracy"
9. "Franklin"
10. "My Heart"
11. "O Star" (Japanese Bonus Track)
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Paramore All We Know is falling album cover
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