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Turbonegro-Love It To Death punk album cover
 Love It To Deathpunk is a "best-of" compilation album by the Norwegian band Turbonegro released in 2001 only in Australia. It features 17 songs selected from Turbonegro's four studio albums and the Darkness Forever live record.

The album was released on Compact Disc and a limited 2,000 copies were pressed.
Track listing:

1. "The Age Of Pamparius"
2. "Get It On"
3. "Selfdestructo Bust"
4. "Are Your Ready (For Some Darkness)"
5. "Just Flesh"
6. "Denim Demon"
7. "I Got Erection"
8. "Sailor Man"
9. "Rock Against Ass" (Live)
10. "Back To Dungaree High" (Live)
11. "Prince Of The Rodeo" (Live)
12. "Suburban Prince's Death Song"
13. "No Beast So Fierce"
14. "Timebomb"
15. "Librium Love"
16. "Armed And Fairly Well Equipped"
17. "I'm In Love With The Destructive Girls"
18. "C'mon baby, make love to me!!"
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