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Trick Daddy thug holiday album cover
 Thug Holiday is Trick Daddy's follow up album to Thugs Are Us and features the hit "In Da Wind."

Track Listing:

1. "Who's Selling (Skit)"
2. "All I Need" (Feat. Infa Red)
3. "In Da Wind" (Feat. Cee-Lo & Big Boi)
4. "Gangsta" (Feat. Baby & Scarface)
5. "Thug Holiday" (Feat. Latocha Scott)
6. "She's Fiendin' (Skit)"
7. "Play No Games" (Feat. Oobie)
8. "Let Me Ride" (Feat. Rick Ross)
9. "Rock & Roll Nigga" (Feat. Money Mark)
10. "Rags to Riches" (Feat. Tre+6)
11. "Bout Mine" (Feat. Money Mark, Rick Ross, Deuce Poppi & Mystic)
12. "Ain't No Santa"
13. "SNS / Roland (Skit)" (Feat. Deuce Poppi & Tre+6)
14. "Get That Feeling" (Feat. Rick Ross)
15. "God's Been Good" (Feat. Betty Wright's Children's Choir)
16. "Rain It Pours"
17. "Money & Drugs" (Feat. Infa Red)
18. "In Da Wind (Ride Out Mix)" (Feat. Cee-Lo & Big Boi)
19. "Ain't No Santa (Bonus Mix)"
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Trick Daddy thug holiday album cover
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