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Born: October 28, 1972 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.
-Ryan Sutter (6 December 2003 - present).
Children: Maxwell Alson Sutter (26 July 2007).
Parents: Stan and Roseanne.

Trista Rehn biography (bio):
Trista Nicole Rehn-Sutter is a prominent former participant in the ABC reality television shows, The Bachelor, in which she was runner-up to Amanda Marsh, and The Bachelorette.
She has also appeared on NBC's Fear Factor and ABC's Dancing with the Stars.
Prior to her rise to reality television fame, Sutter attended Parkway Central High School in Chesterfield, Missouri, Indiana University Bloomington (where she was a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority), and the University of Miami, where she obtained a master's degree in physical therapy.
During her time in Miami, she was a physical therapist and a dancer for the Miami Heat, where she was known by the nickname "T".

The Bachelorette:
As part of her participation in The Bachelorette, Sutter was paid $1 million by ABC for affording the network the right to televise her December 6, 2003 marriage to Ryan Sutter, the bachelor she selected to marry on the show. The televised wedding, broadcast as the finale of a three-episode special Trista & Ryan's Wedding drew over 26 million viewers, making it one of the most-widely viewed episodes in the history of reality television. After many months of trying to get pregnant, they finally welcomed their first child, Maxwell Alston Sutter, on July 26, 2007.

Television appearances:
Sutter also appears opposite actor Jason Alexander in a KFC commercial. She also has appeared in country music singer Brad Paisley's music video "Celebrity" in 2003 with Alexander, Little Jimmy Dickens and William Shatner.
She was the first celebrity contestant to be voted off Season 1 of US Dancing with the Stars.

Personal life:
Ryan Sutter married Rehn on December 6, 2003. The Sutters now live in Eagle County, Colorado, where Sutter is a Vail, Colorado firefighter.
In February 2007, The Sutter's told PEOPLE magazine that they are expecting their first child in summer of 2007, but they want the gender to be a surprise. In an interview, Ryan stated that if they have a girl, then they would like to have a boy next, but if they have a boy first, then they want a girl second. On July 26, 2007, Maxwell Alston Sutter was born 4 weeks early stemming from pregnancy complications via c-section after a failed induction/stalled labor. He was born at 8:50pm at Vail County Medical Center in Vail, Colorado, weighed 5lbs, 3oz.
Sutter was ranked #7 on the Maxim Hot 100 Women of 2003.
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