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Birth name: Nathaniel Marvin Wolff.
Born: December 17, 1994 Los Angeles, California, USA.

Nat Wolff biography (bio):
Nathaniel Marvin Wolff is an actor, singer-songwriter, and keyboardist.

Nat is the lead singer/songwriter and keyboardist, and his brother Alex is the drummer, co-founder of the Naked Brothers Band.

Nat stars in the Nickelodeon television series The Naked Brothers Band. Based on a comedic interpretation of the brothers' lives, the TV series began as The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie, an independent mockumentary film directed by Polly Draper.

Nat kept putting signs on his door "I want to be a child actor!", but Draper refused to at first because she wanted her kids to have a normal life, so to please him she let him film his own sitcom, called "Don't Eat Of My Plate," then Draper changed her mind and let him be a child actor, and decided to make a movie about her kids band, they formed in pre-school with their best friends.[1]

He gained notice in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks when he held his birthday party at a fire station and performed a self-written song "Firefighters" (later retitled "Rosalina" for The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie).

Nat says:
" I always loved it. I love the Beatles. I know every Beatles song. I wanted to be like them. It's all based on reality. It's not like work. It's things we might say or do or want to say or do. I like the feeling of creating something that wasn't there. If we have another season, I'm totally getting ideas. "

He has performed Off Broadway in "Getting Into Heaven" with Cooper Pillot, and "The Heart Of Baghdad," all written by Draper.

Personal life:
He is the son of actress and screenwriter Polly Draper and jazz pianist and composer Michael Wolff and his younger brother is actor/drummer Alex Wolff. His family is "culturally" Jewish.
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Nat Wolff : Nat Wolf
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