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Birth name: Ferdinand Hipolito Navarro
Born: January 04, 1977 Philippines.

Vhong Navarro biography (bio):
Vhong Navarro is a Filipino actor, singer, and host. He is the son of Danilo Navarro and Imelda Hipolito.

As part of the dance group Streetboys, Vhong was discovered by director Chito S. Roo who continues to manage him.

Among the products he endorsed are Sprite (Obey your thirst Series -- "Sprite 101: How to add a little spice to your life" and "Sprite 101: Paano pumili ng wasto"), Pop-Cola (Sigaw ng uhaw Series -- "Pasingit, singit..." and "Ang tindi ng sikat ng araw..."), Jag Thug & Jag Jeans and Blu Tab.

His supposed launching (solo) movie was Gagamboy (2004), Regal/MAQ entry in Metro Manila Film Festival in December 2003. But Star Cinema Production Inc. pulled a fast one and cast him in the lead role of Mr. Suave (2003) which was scheduled in November of 2003. The issue created a feud between the two production companies.

Self-proclaimed 'Jim Carrey of the Philippines' amidst strong protest.

Navarro appeared in the August 17, 2007 press conference of the television series "Lastikman". Besides Lastikman, Vhong will star in a forthcoming movie with a "superhero", Makisig Morales (who was star of Super Inggo). Meanwhile, Vhong wants DNA test for his alleged daughter, 12 years old, and older than Ferdinand Vhong
Vhong Navarro : ts
Vhong Navarro : ts
By User: ohjoy
6 Votes, 4.5/5
Vhong Navarro : kilig
Vhong Navarro : kilig
By User: singlebraincelled
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Vhong Navarro : don romatico
Vhong Navarro : don romatico
By User: singlebraincelled
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