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Supermodel and Actress Vanessa Hessler pictures (pic) and photo gallery.
Born: 21 January 1988 Rome, Lazio, Italy.
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.79 m).

Vanessa Hessler biography (bio):
Vanessa was born in Rome to Gabriella, an Italian and John, an American.
She lived in Rome until she was 8, and then moved to Washington D.C., her father's birthplace. She lived there until 2002, when she returned to Italy as a model.
She started her career with Italian catwalks like Donna sotto le stelle and Notte Mediterranea, both on TV.
In 2004 she was chosen for a Korff's advertisement and for Alta Roma Alta Moda, a famous fashion show in Rome.
She was cast to appear in the 2005 Italian movie Natale a Miami, along with Christian de Sica, and consequently her popularity soared. In March 2006, she made her debut as a soubrette at the Festival di Sanremo with Claudia Cedro, Francesca Lancini and Marta Cecchetto.
She currently lives between Rome and Washington D.C. and is testimonial of Baby Star, Nara Camicie and Gilli.
At the same time she wants to work in ZV and in early 2006 she wanted to replace Alessia Marcuzzi for host Le iene, but Cristina Chiabotto did it.
Hessler is known throught Europe due to appearances in advertising for the DSL brand "Alice" (a service of Telecom Italia subsidiary Hansenet). She has also modelled in advertising campaigns for Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, L'Oral and Ferrero.
Vanessa Hessler : vanessa-hessler-picture-1
Vanessa Hessler : vanessa-hessler-picture-1
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Vanessa Hessler : 11 600
Vanessa Hessler : 11 600
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Vanessa Hessler : 90
Vanessa Hessler : 90
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Vanessa Hessler : gallery21056
Vanessa Hessler : gallery21056
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Vanessa Hessler : Vanessa-Hessler bikini
Vanessa Hessler : Vanessa-Hessler bikini
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Vanessa Hessler : Vanessa-Hessler defile1
Vanessa Hessler : Vanessa-Hessler defile1
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