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This week the students were asked to sing 2 songs, one of their choice and the other is obligatory chosen by the teachers. They had to combine both songs in an acting sketch. Below is a summery of their performance.

Aya sings a romantic song for Elissa “Law Ma teji” with a sketch of herself singing to her lover over the phone. Then soon after she runs to the living room with a sad look on her face and then tells Serag that she is worried because she knows she didn’t do as well as she should have.

Then Zaher sings a romantic English song by 3 doors down called “I’m here without you” and plays his guitar along. Personally I thought he did a good job.

Yahia sings an Arabic song for Fadel Shaker called “Rooh” which tells a story about a lover coming back after years of being away. He also sings to an absent girl through looking at her photo album. But then again, he sounded extremly nervous and he paused a couple of times where it looked like he forgot the words!

Abdel Aziz comes next and uses the cell-phone as a microphone where he sings to a lover the same song which is by Fadel Shaker called “Rooh”. I found him comfortable and his sketch is simple but realistic somehow.

Lara then sings an English song for Kylie Minogue called “2 hearts” while addressing an absent lover whom his clothes are still at her place. She sang with confidence and she seems pretty comfortable.

Then Basma sings Elissa’s song “Law Ma tejy” and she did it a pretty good job. Her voice was strong and she had no short-breath problems with the same song that Aya struggled with minutes before.

Then Serag sings Fadel Shaker’s song, but he messes the words up, he even struggled with his very short-breath. Seraj gives the impression of surrendering to the fact that he is relatively weak compared to other students. It even looked like he didn’t prepare the acting sketch!

Michel Rmeih then sings “Roo7″ for Fadel Shaker. I loved the way he performed the song. I really felt his emotions bubbling. He kept smiling while looking the teachers in the eye. There is a sneaky gesture between Elissar and Wadi’ whispering something to each others while Rmeih was singing. Lets hope it is a positive note. :)

Then it was Khawla’s turn. She sings Elissa’s song “Law Ma teje”. She looked lost and forgot most of the lyrics. She even made it worse when she took out a piece of paper and tried to read the lyrics out of it! She then goes to Nasser and Yahia and cries out of fear of being nominated this week.

Nasser Rapped again in Arabic, but this time with a khaliji accent. I like his confidence and it seems that Mr. Michel Fadel liked it too because he was smiling through out the performance.

Tania seemed pretty confident this eval, specially that she sang “Samra ya Samra” with better face expressions compared to other evaluations.

Then it was Michel Azzi’s turn to evaluate the students; he mentioned his own top five students which are : Zaher, Abdel Aziz, Basma, Nasser, and Mohamed Bash.
Then he names the worst student’s according to their performance at the evaluation : Himself, Khawla, Tania, Diala, and Yahia.
Star Academy LBC Season 6 Sixth Evaluation Nasser
Star Academy LBC Season 6 Sixth Evaluation Nasser
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Star Academy LBC Season 6 Sixth Evaluation Tania
Star Academy LBC Season 6 Sixth Evaluation Tania
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