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Born: March 6, 1974 in Oxford, England, UK.

:Sebastian Siegel biography (bio):
Sebastian Siegel is a British-American film and television actor. He has played roles in such American Television Broadcasts as: CSI Miami, How I Met Your Mother, Family Guy, Baywatch Hawaii, Rescue 77, The Amanda Show, Roswell, and in films: Larceny, Reign of Fire, Atheist, and as Judas Iscariot in the coming sequel to Color of the Cross. He has appeared several times as himself on Soap Talk.

Siegel is widely recognized for having appeared on nearly one hundred magazine covers and billboards, including Men's Fitness, Iron Man, and billboards in Los Angeles and Times Square. He has worked with photographers David La Chapelle and Steven Meisel.

His father, Lee A. Siegel, is professor of comparative and Indian Religions and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his novel, Love in a Dead Language. His grandfather, Leonard Thompson, was a lifelong opponent of discrimination and apartheid, and a founding member of the South African Liberal Party.

Siegel has played notable comedy commercial roles in Geico's Soap Opera spoof, and in 2007 as the front man for Diageo's Green Tea Partay parody hit music video on You Tube.

Siegel has served as a consultant for the US DHHS and published in the Medical Journal Consultant. He has produced two commercials and directed a documentary feature film. Siegel is an active supporter of The Smile Train founded by Charles Wang, and Best Buddies International, founded by Anthony Shriver. He is a reader for the Screen Actor's Guild's children's reading programs, Storyline and Bookpals.

Siegel is an autodidact, and student in the works of Ken Wilber, Alan Watts, Martin Luther King Jr., Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling and mythologist Joseph Campbell. As a boy in 1983, Siegel met Campbell on Oahu, Hawaii.
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