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Born: September 2, 1955 Greenwich, Connecticut, USA.
Height: 5' 5" (1.65 m).
Measurements: 34-22 1/2-35.
-Alexander Cary (divorced) they have one child.
-Desi Arnaz Jr. (13 January 1979 - 1981) (divorced).
-William Broyles Jr. (divorced).

Linda Purl biography (bio):
Linda Purl is an actor and singer Connecticut and raised in Japan, becoming the only foreigner to train at the Toho Geino Academy. While at the Imperial Theatre in Tokyo, Purl performed in several plays, gaining the role of Louis in The King and I, Bet in Oliver!, and the role of Helen in The Miracle Worker. Afterwards, Ms. Purl went to England to study under Marguerite Beale, before returning to the United States to study at the Lee Strasberg Institute, and later with Robert Lewis.
Linda Purl has played several roles on television, notably on The Secret Storm, Happy Days, and Matlock. She also played secret agent Kate Del'Amico in the short-lived series Under Cover. In Happy Days she played two different roles: Richie's occasional girlfriend Gloria in the second year of the show, and Fonzie's steady girlfriend Ashley eight season later.
Linda Purl acted alongside with Shaun Cassidy in the famous 1979 TV movie Like Normal People - Sheldon Egbert.
Actress linda purl : 11
Actress linda purl : 11
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