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Born: June 1, 1973 in Bergisch Gladbach, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
Nickname: The Body.
Height: 5' 9.5" (1.77 m).
Measurements: 35-24-34, 94-65-98(EU).
Weight: 54 kg (119 lb).
Eye color: Hazel.
Hair color: Light brown.
Dress size: 4-6 (US); 34-36 (EU).
Shoe size: 10 (US); 42 (EU).
-Seal (10 May 2005 - present) they have three children.
-Ric Pipino (6 September 1997 - November 2002) (divorced).

July 19, 2008: "Heidi Klum's Legs Insured For $2.2 Million"

Supermodel Heidi Klum's shapely pins are insured for $2.2 million, but one leg is insured for $200,000 less than the other because of a scar.

The catwalk star's right leg is insured for $1.2 million, but the other is only insured for $1 million because of the mark on her knee.

"They are different values because I have this little scar," Heidi told the newspaper, "I had to be examined in London. A guy came and inspected my legs."


July 14, 2008: "Heidi Klum Says Seal Is A "Wonderful Daddy""

Heidi Klum says Seal is a "wonderful daddy."

The supermodel insists her singer husband is a fantastic father to the three children they raise together.

Heidi revealed: "Seal is a wonderful daddy. He never minded changing diapers, he loves to sing lullabies and he's always 100 percent there. We have that in common as parents."

Heidi recently revealed although Formula One team boss Flavio Briatore is Leni's biological father, Leni thinks of Seal as her dad.

The blonde beauty also revealed she thinks her family is so strong because they communicate with each other.

She said: "When I was younger my parents, brother and I would talk to each other about what we did during the day. It's important to try to keep that in a family."


July 13, 2008: "Heidi Klum Swims With Shark"

She's conquered the runway and the airwaves, but the most ambitious thing Heidi Klum's ever done doesn't involve fashion.

"I jumped into the water with 45 sharks without a cage in the Bahamas for a Discovery Channel show," the supermodel tells Parade.com. "That was a really good experience."

Not to mention fearless -- splashing around with sharks proved to be an epiphany for the 35-year-old.

"I'm not saying that everyone should swim with sharks, but sometimes you have to jump over your own shadow in order to learn something that you will never forget for the rest of your life," she says. "Then you know you can conquer your fears." fa


July 1, 2008: "Heidi Klum Reveals The Secret Behind Her Successful Marriage"

Heidi Klum says a deep love keeps her marriage to Seal strong.

The supermodel has stressed the importance of love and believes it is vital to a happy relationship.

She said: "There are many, many things. But I would say love is the most important thing."

Heidi - who has two children, two-year-old Henry and 19-month-old Johan, with husband Seal and a four-year-old daughter Leni from a previous relationship - recently revealed she wants to extend her family.

She said: "So many people say, 'I am so done.' That hasn't come out of my mouth, and it hasn't come out of Seal's mouth, either. I feel like we still have one coming."


June 12, 2008: "Heidi Klum Wants More Children"

Heidi Klum insists she has one more child in her, despite speculation she's done as a mum.

Heidi Klum states that neither she nor husband Seal have said they'll stop having kids, despite reports to the contrary.

Heidi Klum says: "So many people say I am so done. That hasn't come out of my mouth, and it hasn't come out of Seal's mouth either.

"I feel we still have one (baby) coming."


June 8, 2008: "Seal Buys $250,000 Bentley For Heidi Klum"

Seal surprised the love of his life Heidi Klum by having a brand new gold Bentley Flying Spur delivered to their door with a big red bow on it.

Seal drives a silver Bentley of his own and now they have his n' hers gold and silver Bentleys.

Heidi Klum's version included customized baby seats for the car, which cost around $250,000 total.


April 23, 2008: "Heidi Klum's Naughty First Date With Seal"

Heidi Klum wasn't such an "angel" on her first date with Seal, she said, "We went somewhere very nice for dinner it was very good but I can't tell you exactly what we did," she told Pop Tarts last week with a cheeky smile. "It would be too naughty and you cant run it anyway. It would just be bloop bleep bloop bloop bleep. But it was a very good first date..."

Heidi Klum and Seal met in a New York City hotel lobby in 2004, and Heidi Klum will forever be remembered for telling Oprah how she checked out Seal in his bicycle shorts.


April 20, 2008: "Heidi Klum On Doctor Duty"

Heidi Klum was spotted taking her young son Johan to the Beverly Hills medical center on Thursday.

Wearing a cute tanktop and tight jeans, Heidi quickly made her way past a few well-situated paparazzi before hopping on the elevator and in for her sons appointment.

Meanwhile, in related news, Heidi and her musician hubby Seal have reportedly invited an Indian priest to attend/conduct Hindi rituals at their upcoming third wedding anniversary party - which theyll be celebrating in Costa Careyes, Mexico this May 10th.


April 10, 2008: "Heidi Klum is The World's Hottest Model"

Heidi Klum is amazed to have landed the coveted title of the world's hottest model, because she is a mother to three children.

The German catwalk star last month beat Brazilian babe Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima to land at number one on the Models.com list.

And the 35-year-old is convinced landing the title is a major step forward.

She says: "It felt great, especially after having three children. It's brilliant for all mums because women sometimes worry whether they can still be sexy after having kids or how they're going to be perceived by people for being a mum.

"I had employers who thought if I had a child I wouldn't fit in the sexiest women category any more. But I think it's different these days."


March 31, 2008: "Heidi Klum Marries Hubby Seal Every Year"

Heidi Klum and hubby Seal are serious romantics.
Heidi has revealed that every year they return to beautiful Careyes, Mexico, the venue of their original wedding (May 2005), and they get married all over again.

Heidi said, We get married every year at the same place and on the same date.
Its very romantic. I see it as an excuse to celebrate, get the family together, and have a little holiday at the same time.
Heidi also spoke about working on the reality show Project Runway and Germanys Next Top Model, and her busy life as the third highest paid supermodel in the world.
Heidi said, People think I travel all the time, but I spend just 10 weeks filming and when I do, the whole family stays together.
My husband loves being a father and participating.
Hes great. He plays guitar with them. He runs around in the garden or plays in the pool.
Heidi also spoke about Seals relationship with her daughter Leni (her biological father is allegedly Formula One businessman Flavio Briatore).
Heidi said, Hes Lenis father, and always has been as far as Im concerned.
Heidi and Seal also have two children together, Henry, two, and Johan, 15 months. The family all live in America, although clearly Seal has not forgotten his British roots.
Heidi said, He has to have PG Tips and those awful English cookies, digestives, which he gets from a special English shop.
And hes so particular about the way he likes his tea. If I make it, its never right.
Heidi says Seal thinks she is perfect, but he does point out her own flaws.
She said, I have laughter-lines around my mouth and eyes.
Despite her flaws (seen only be her and Seal I think :O ) Heidi insists she hasnt resorted to the surgeons knife or had Botox injections.
She said, I havent done it and dont know if I will. I dont want to look 19 when Im 35. Its more natural to have a few lines.
Speaking about her body, even when she is pregnant, Heidi said, I never get too skinny or too big, and its the same when I get pregnant.
If you use it as an excuse to indulge, youll have to fight harder to lose the weight afterwards.
Its all about eating healthily.
Heidi is apparently not one for letting herself go, and says she doesnt wear tracksuit bottoms like other mums do.
Heidi said, I still want to look attractive at home even if Im not squeezed into my tightest jeans.
I got rid of my bad clothes so I wouldnt go there, and I dont do jogging pants!


Heidi Klum biography (bio):
Heidi Klum is a German supermodel as well as an actress, TV presenter, fashion designer, television producer and singer hailing from Bergisch Gladbach, North Rhine-Westphalia, West Germany.
Modeling and acting:
Klum has been on the cover of most of the well-known fashion magazines including Vogue Magazine, ELLE and Marie Claire. She became widely known after appearing on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and for her work with Victoria's Secret. She has been a spokesmodel for McDonald's, Braun, H & M, and Liz Claiborne, among others. She is currently the latest celebrity spokesmodel for Jordache. In addition to modeling, she has appeared in several TV shows, including Spin City, Sex and the City, and Yes, Dear. She had a role as an ill-tempered hair model in the movie Blow Dry, played a giantess in the movie Ella Enchanted and was cast as Ursula Andress in The Life and Death of Peter Sellers. She also had a small cameo appearance in The Devil Wears Prada and Perfect Stranger.
In July 2007, earning at an estimated total of $8 million in the past 12 months, Forbes named her third in the list of the World's 15 Top-Earning Supermodels.

Project Runway:
In December of 2004, she became the host and judge of the reality show Project Runway on the U.S. cable television channel Bravo, in which fashion designers compete for the opportunity to show their line at New York Fashion Week and receive money to launch their own fashion line. She also received an Emmy Awards nomination for the show for each of the first three seasons.

Designing and perfume:
Klum has designed her own clothing lines (including one for infants) that were featured in the German mail-order catalog "Otto." She also has designed shoes for Birkenstock, jewellery for Mouawad, and swimsuits featured in the 2002 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue that, for a limited time, were available for sale through her personal website. She was one of the designers of the Victoria's Secret lingerie line "The Body", which was named after the nickname she received following her first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show appearance. Her Mouawad jewelry collection debuted on the cable shopping network QVC on September 14, 2006, and 14 of the 16 styles sold out after only 36 minutes. A second line of her jewellery collection debuted on QVC on April 14, 2007, with similar success.
She has produced two fragrances, called "Heidi Klum" and "Me", which are currently available for sale through her official website.
She was also involved in the development of a namesake rose, the Heidi Klum rose, which is available in Germany.

Germany's Next Topmodel:
Germany's Next Topmodel is a German reality television show which pits contestants against each other in a variety of competitions to determine who will win a modeling contract with IMG. Heidi Klum is the host and co-producer of the show along with model Tyra Banks. The first season or "cycle" of the show was won by Lena Gercke and the second cycle was won by Barbara Meier.

Heidi Klum is also an artist and has had several of her paintings appear in various art magazines in the U.S. On September 27, 2002 she dedicated a sculpture she painted called "Dog with Butterflies" to commemorate the role of rescue dogs in the aftermath of September 11.
Her other projects have included music and video games. She is featured in the 2004 James Bond video game Everything or Nothing, where she plays a villain Dr. Katya Nadanova. She has appeared in several music videos, including Jamiroquai's video "Love Foolosophy" from their album A Funk Odyssey, and Kelis's "Young, Fresh N' New," off her second album Wanderland.
In November 2006 Klum released her debut single "Wonderland," which was written for a series of television advertisements for the German retailer "Douglas." Proceeds from the single were given to a children's charity in her hometown of Bergisch Gladbach.

Personal life:
Klum married celebrity hairstylist Ric Pipino on September 6, 1997. The couple divorced in November 2002. Following the divorce she had brief relationships with Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer Anthony Kiedis and Formula One manager Flavio Briatore.
In the Autumn of 2003 she became pregnant with Flavio Briatore's child. On the day Klum announced the pregnancy, Briatore was photographed kissing Fiona Swarovski, a jewelery heiress. Klum and Briatore split up shortly thereafter. On May 4, 2004, she gave birth to a daughter, Helene "Leni" Klum, who was named after Klum's grandmother.
Around the same time of the birth, Heidi began a relationship with musician Seal. Klum and Seal married May 10, 2005, on a beach in Mexico. They have had two children together, both sons: Henry Gnther Ademola Dashtu Samuel, born September 12, 2005 and Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel born November 22, 2006.
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