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The band hail from Staines, London. Frontman Richard Archer often likes to point out at gigs that Hard Fi's music is ultimately the result of being brought up in an area that boasts very little in terms of activities and entertainment for the generation of youths that typically come from working class families in the area, which co-incides with Archer's lyrics concerning unemployment, crime and substance abuse. The band's music is not entirely pessimistic; 'Living For The Weekend', for example, highlights a euphoric sense of freedom that can be enjoyed after a long week's work. Much of the band's lyrics can be viewed as social commentary which relates with the lives of the listener
The band were signed to newly formed independent label, Necessary Records, owned by Warren Clarke.
Hard-Fi's debut album Stars of CCTV was initially recorded as a nine track mini-album in a disused mini cab office; it was then mixed in a variety of unusual acoustic environments - in bedrooms, in pubs, and in their producer, Wolsey White's, BMW. 1000 copies of this record were pressed with only 500 going on public sale. It quickly sold, receiving critical acclaim and radio play.
The band were then licensed to the Atlantic Records label (a major), where they were given the chance to re-record the album. The band went back to the cab office to maintain their unique sound.
Their debut album's launch party was scheduled to be July 7 2005 at Cheekees night club in Staines (where their top ten single "Tied Up Too Tight" was filmed), however this was cancelled due to the ill health of Archer's mother. Her death resulted in the band pulling out of the Glastonbury festival. The launch party was rescheduled for July 13 2005 and the venue changed to Ladbroke Grove, London.
Hard-Fi gained increased prominence in the UK when Stars of CCTV was nominated for the 2005 Mercury Music Prize. It split the vote with Antony and the Johnsons who received the final casting vote.
Hard-Fi supported Green Day at their two massive gigs at Milton Keynes Bowl, England.
After a successful marketing campaign by Atlantic, the Stars of CCTV album re-entered the official UK album chart at No.4 on January 1, 2006. Two places higher than it originally went in on the week of its release, the album climbed from No.33. Stars of CCTV finally climbed to No.1 on January 22, 2006. The band's re-release of Cash Machine entered the official Top 40 singles chart at No.14 on January 1. A week later the band toasted national recognition as they received two Brit award nominations.
Hard-Fi's first full length tour of 2006 sold out in just 15 minutes calling for more dates to be added. They played London's Brixton Academy from May 14 to May 18, making them one of the few bands to play five consecutive nights there. The other artists to do so were The Clash, Bob Dylan, Massive Attack and The Prodigy. However, they were the only band to do it off the back of their debut album.
They also have their own video podcast, which is known as 'Hard-Fi: Rockin' the City', that can be downloaded from their official website. In the first episode the bandmates discuss how they formed, and the rise of their successful album Stars of CCTV. They also discuss becoming increasingly more recognised, playing huge gigs with Green Day at the Milton Keynes Bowl, their home-town of Staines, and how it has influenced their music style. This talk is coupled with clips of some of Hard-Fi's music videos such as "Hard to Beat", "Cash Machine", "Tied Up Too Tight" and "Living for the Weekend". Ten episodes have been released, so far, on iTunes.

-Richard Archer.
-Ross Phillips.
-Kai Stephens.
-Steven Kemp.
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