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Birth name: Charles Frank Mangione.
Born: November 29, 1940 Rochester, New York, USA.

Chuck Mangione biography (bio):
Born and raised in Rochester, New York, Mangione and his pianist brother Gap led the Jazz Brothers group which recorded three albums for Riverside Records. He attended the Eastman School of Music from 1958 to 1963, and afterwards joined Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers, for which he filled the trumpet seat, previously held by greats such as Clifford Brown, Kenny Dorham, Bill Hardman, and Lee Morgan. Mangione served as director of the Eastman jazz ensemble from 1968 until 1972 and in 1970 he returned to recording with the album Friends and Love, recorded in concert with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and numerous guest performers. His quartet with saxophonist Gerry Niewood was a popular concert and recording act during the early 1970s.
Mangione's "Chase the Clouds Away" was used in the 1976 Olympic Games and "Give It All You Got" was the theme to the Winter Olympic Games of 1980, held in Lake Placid, New York. He performed live at the closing ceremonies, which were televised globally. A 1980 issue of Current Biography called "Feels So Good" the most recognized tune since "Michelle" by The Beatles. Recently, smooth jazz stations throughout the United States have recognized Mangione's "Feels So Good" as their all-time number one song. He raised over $50,000 for St. John's Nursing Home at his 60th Birthday Bash Concert, held at Eastman Theater in Rochester, New York.
Chuck Mangione - The Best of Chuck Mangione album cover
Chuck Mangione - The Best of Chuck Mangione album cover
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