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September 1, 2008: "Chris Martin Loves Getting "Buzz" From Tattoos"

Chris Martin loves getting tattoos because it gives him a "buzz". The Coldplay frontman has had several inkings since his 30th birthday last year and loves them so much he would thoroughly recommend having a piece of body art.

Chris, 31, said: "Getting tattooed is brilliant. I got a few done in my 30s and it is the best buzz ever - especially if you are married and can't take drugs."

"I would recommend getting a tattoo whether you are 70 or 12 - actually, maybe not 12. I think that might be a bit too young."

Earlier this year, it was reported Chris' wife Gwyneth Paltrow had got a tattoo in his honor.

The actress had the letter 'C' etched at the top of her right thigh to show her commitment to her husband.

Tattooist Steve Flannery said: "At first she was thinking about having a tattoo on her arm, but then decided that this might affect her acting work."

"In the end she decided on the top of her right thigh, and joked that Chris would have fun finding it."

"I asked her if the C stood for Coldplay, but she said it was definitely a C for Chris."


July 9, 2008: "Chris Martin Encouraging Celebrities To Name Their Children Odd Names"

Chris Martin says people should call their babies 'Chewbacca' if they want.

The 'Viva la Vida' singer insists an unnecessary fuss is made over what children are called.

Chris said: "There's nothing weird about calling your baby Chewbacca, if that's what you want to call your baby. It's no weirder than Sarah - it's just that people aren't so used to it."

"People make a big fuss over names - the names of babies, albums, bands, names of people. What everyone forgets is a name is just a noise and if you like it then f**k what everyone else says - that's what it's called."

Chris also revealed he is a hands-on dad and even loved changing his children's diapers.


July 4, 2008: "Coldplay's Chris Martin Brings His Wife To Tears At Recent Concert"

Gwyneth Paltrow broke down in tears after husband Chris Martin sang 'Fix You' during a recent Coldplay concert.

The Oscar-winning actress became very emotional when the song was played and couldn't stop crying.

An onlooker at the New York show said: "Gwyneth was whispering and clapping throughout the show. But when 'Fix You' started, she broke down in tears."

The lyrics in the ballad - which include "Tears stream down your face, when you lose something you cannot replace" - are about Gwyneth and the loss she felt.

After the show, mother-of-two Gwyneth was comforted by Chris, who tried to cheer her up.

The onlooker added to OK! magazine: "He noticed she had been crying. He kissed her and made her laugh by pointing out all the things he had screwed up in the show."

Chris has previously revealed his wife inspires his song writing, saying: "Everything in my life comes up. Gwyneth's in there. My friends are in there. The way I see the world is in there. The lyrics come out and I just - I try not to get in their way."


June 12, 2008: "Chris Martin Admits To Being Jealous Over Brad Pitt"

Chris Martin competes with Gwyneth Paltrow's ex-fiance Brad Pitt.

Chris Martin admits he finds it hard to deal with the thought that Gwyneth used to be engaged to one of Hollywood's hottest heartthrobs.

Chris Martin said: "I always felt it would be great to be with a very powerful woman because it would keep you in your place. Being married to someone very successful and very powerful basically keeps you hungry to improve."

"You've got to be hungry. If your wife went out with Brad Pitt, you'd want to prove yourself, you know what I mean?"


June 9, 2008: "Chris Martin Comparing Coldplay To U2"

Chris Martin compares Coldplay to U2. Chris Martin, whose new album 'Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends' is released this week, looks to the Irish rockers as a measure of success.

Chris Martin said: "U2 once said they were reapplying for the job as the best band in the world. On 'Viva La Vida...' we feel like we're just reapplying to be a band again."

"I always view our albums in terms of U2 albums. 'Viva La Vida' is our 'Unforgettable Fire' in that it's less straightforward, more oblique. It's about sex and death and love and fear and travel and illness. There's light and there's dark."

Despite the critical acclaim the band have received, Chris Martin doesn't think Coldplay are the best band in the world.

Chris Martin added: "The best bands in the world today are probably Arcade Fire and Sigur Ros. I think Coldplay is only the seventh best band in the world."

Earlier this week, Chris revealed he has been dreaming about U2 frontman Bono. Chris Martin said: "I always dream about other musicians. And with U2 or Radiohead it's always, 'Hey, how are you doing?' And they are never interested in hanging out with us. It's a permanent feeling of being at school and the bigger boys don't want to play with you."


Chris Martin Pictures, Photo gallery and Biography
Birth name: Christopher Anthony John Martin.
Born: 2 March 1977 in Exeter, Devon, England.

Christopher Anthony John Martin is the lead singer, pianist and occasional rhythm guitarist of the popular rock band Coldplay. Chris Martin has a baritenor voice and is known for his frequent use of falsetto. Chris Martin is married to actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

As a solo artist, Chris Martin has written songs for a variety of acts including Embrace ("Gravity") and Jamelia ("See It in a Boy's Eyes"). Chris Martin has also collaborated with Ron Sexsmith, Faultline, The Streets, and Ian McCulloch. He also sang a part of the vocals for the Band Aid 20 single, "Do They Know It's Christmas?" at the end of 2004. In 2005, Chris Martin collaborated with Nelly Furtado on the track "All Good Things (Come to an End)".

In 2007, Chris Martin appeared on a track titled "Part of the Plan" for Swizz Beatz' debut solo album One Man Band Man. Martin has also worked on a solo collaboration with Kanye West. Chris Martin performs the chorus on a song called "Homecoming" on Kanye West's newly released album, Graduation.

Chris Martin and Coldplay guitarist Jon Buckland made cameo appearances in the film Shaun of the Dead as supporters of the fictional charity ZombAid. In 2006 Martin had a cameo role in the second series episode four of the Ricky Gervais- and Stephen Merchant-created comedy Extras.

Chris Martin was a vocal critic of President George W. Bush and the war in Iraq. Chris Martin was a strong supporter of Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, most notably during his acceptance speech for the 2004 Grammy Awards Record of the Year, accepting for "Clocks".

On 4 July 2006, Chris Martin was an actor featured in Johnny Cash's music video for "God's Gonna Cut You Down".
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