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July 7, 2008: "Charlize Theron Wants To Be A "Damsel In Distress""

Charlize Theron wants to be a "damsel in distress." The 'Hancock' star has had enough of playing tough female characters and now wants to land a role which sees her being rescued.

Charlize is quoted on gossip website as saying: "It is nice to play the hero but at the same time it's nice to be a lady sometimes and be the stereotypical damsel in distress."

"I think every girl wants a hero to sweep them off their feet!"

The blonde beauty - who is in a long term relationship with Irish-born actor Stuart Townsend - recently admitted she isn't as tough as she seems.

She revealed this was partly because of her boyfriend, explaining "Stuart made me softer."

She added: "I am massively vulnerable, and for so long I just worked hard to cover that up. Stuart wasn't scared to confront that. He is the one man who never worries about kicking me up the backside."


July 2, 2008: "Charlize Theron Feels "Unsexy" When She's Too Skinny"

Charlize Theron feels "unsexy" when she is too skinny. The Oscar-winning actress had to lose a lot of weight for a movie role and felt uncomfortable as she prefers being curvier.

Charlize said: "I played a woman with cancer in 'Sweet November.' I went down to a size 6 and I felt completely uncomfortable. I remember being cold and wrapping my arms around my body and feeling ribs and bone. I felt totally unsexy."

The blonde beauty also took a swipe at Hollywood stars who put partying ahead of their careers.

She added to Britain's Elle magazine: 'I don't buy in to all that. Actually, it upsets me the way a lot of so-called celebrities just completely exploit themselves. I don't get it."

"There's a decorum that I believe just doesn't exist in Hollywood any more. My whole life is about trying to move away from bad things and be happy."


June 25, 2008: "Charlize Theron "Too Lazy" To Be A Diva"

Charlize Theron says she is too "lazy" to ever be a diva.

The Oscar-winning actress insists she hasn't let fame go to her head and she is far too laid back to make outrageous demands.

She said: "You know what, I'm lazy and to be a diva takes a lot of energy and so that's why I don't do it because I just don't have the energy."

"It's a lot of work to be a diva. People forget. It's hard to yell at people and it's really hard to hit them. If I had more energy I would do it. I hit my publicist this morning. Apparently that doesn't go over too well!"


June 24, 2008: "Charlize Theron: Lust Just As Important As Love"

Charlize Theron says lust is just as important as love.

Charlize Theron believes passion plays a big part in her relationship and she couldn't live without it.

She said: "I think I need a bit of both love and lust. I've been in situations where I have cared about someone, but there wasn't that fire, and that is important."

"It's chemistry and I don't know why one person does it for me rather than another. It's the mystery of life and love."

Charlize Theron also believes fate played a part in her relationship with Stuart.

The blonde star, who met Stuart when filming 'Trapped' in 2002, said: "We met on set and we liked each other. It was like, 'You are awesome, and I'm never going to see you again.' But somehow we always ended up in the same places. I was in London working, and we were sitting in his apartment drinking wine, and before I knew it we were packing up his apartment and he was moving to Los Angeles. Someone wanted us to be together."


June 6, 2008: "Charlize Theron Calling Some Celebrities "Ugly" For Using The Spotlight"

Charlize Theron thinks celebrities who love being in the media spotlight are "ugly.", Charlize Theron has no desire to be photographed at star-studded parties and does not understand why some of her peers bow to public pressure.

Charlize Theron said: "It comes across as this really sad need for approval. I've heard people make comments like, 'You don't really want to be in the tabloids but you need to be for your career.' They believe it's actually important. It's not. It's ugly."

"People say, 'That's your job.' It really isn't, actually. It's not my job to go out there and make an a*s out of myself."

The star also argued against the idea that celebrities should give up their right to privacy in exchange for money and fame.

Charlize Theron: "Like, your life belongs to us now? That's the deal? I didn't get that memo. It wasn't sent to me and I didn't sign it. So, f**k you."


Actress and model Charlize Theron picture(s)/pic(s), wallpaper and photo gallery.
Born: August 7, 1975 South Africa Benoni, South Africa.
Nickname: Charlie.
Height: 5'9.5" (1.77 m).
Measurements: 36B-24-36.

Charlize Theron biography (bio):
Theron was born in Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa. Her father, Charles Theron, was a construction company owner of French Huguenot descent; her mother, Gerda, is of German descent and took over her husband's business after his death. Theron's first language is Afrikaans. She is also fluent in English and speaks some Xhosa, as well as having varying levels of fluency in around thirty other African languages and dialects, learned from neighbors and employees on her parents' farm. In the United States, both in her films and while being interviewed, etc., Theron speaks with a typical American accent and style of speech, leading most people to assume she is American.
"Theron" is a French surname pronounced in Afrikaans as "Tronn," although she has said that she prefers the pronunciation "Thrown." The pronunciation commonly used in the United States involves two syllables, with stress on the first.
Theron grew up as the only child on her parents' farm near Johannesburg (Benoni). At the age of thirteen, Charlize was sent to boarding school and began her studies at the National School Of The Arts in Johannesburg. At fifteen, Theron witnessed the death of her father, an abusive alcoholic; her mother shot him in self-defense when he attacked her. No charges were pressed.
At the age of 16, Theron traveled to Milan, Italy, on a one-year modeling contract, after winning a local competition. Her contract ended while she was in New York City, and she decided to remain there, attending the Joffrey Ballet School, where she trained as a ballet dancer. A knee injury closed this career path when she was 18.
Unable to dance, she bought a ticket to Los Angeles. After eight months in the city, she was cast in her first film part, a non-speaking role in the direct-to-video film Children of the Corn III. She followed this with larger roles in widely released Hollywood films, and her career skyrocketed in the late 1990s, with box office successes like The Devil's Advocate, The Cider House Rules, and Mighty Joe Young.
The May 1999 issue of Playboy published nude photos of Theron, taken during the early years of her modeling career. Claiming they had been "for private use", Theron ended up suing photographer Guido Argentini.
After appearing in a few notable films, Theron starred as serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the film Monster (2003). Film critic Roger Ebert called it "one of the greatest performances in the history of the cinema", for which Theron won the Best Actress Oscar at the 76th Academy Awards in February 2004, as well as the SAG Award and the Golden Globe Award. She is the first South African to win an Oscar for Best Actress.
Having signed a deal with John Galliano in 2004, Theron replaced Estonian model Tiiu Kuik in the J'ADORE advertisements by Christian Dior; she is the current spokeswoman for Dior perfume. From October 2005 to December 2006 Theron endorsed Weil watches; in February of 2006 she was sued by Weil for breach of contract. On September 30, 2005, she received her own bronze star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In the same year, she starred in the financially unsuccessful science fiction thriller on Flux and was given positive reviews. Additionally, she received a Best Actress Golden Globe nomination for her lead performance in the drama North Country. Ms. Magazine honored her for this performance as well with a feature article in its Fall 2005 issue. She had also been nominated for an Oscar as a lead actress for the role, although she did not win; this was her second nomination.
In 2005, Theron also portrayed Rita, Michael Bluth's (Jason Bateman) love interest on the third season of FOX's critically acclaimed sitcom Arrested Development.
She also received Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for her role in the HBO movie The Life and Death of Peter Sellers.
After her Oscar win for Monster, she earned $10,000,000 for both North Country and Aeon Flux. According to The Hollywood Reporter's 2006 list of highest-paid actresses in Hollywood, she ranked 7th, behind Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Rene Zellweger, Reese Witherspoon, and Nicole Kidman.
Theron dated the lead singer of Third Eye Blind, Stephan Jenkins, from January 1998 to July 2001. They broke up after Jenkins failed to take her requests of marriage seriously. Theron now resides in Los Angeles with her long-time boyfriend, Stuart Townsend, with whom she starred in the 2004 film Head in the Clouds, as well as in the 2002 film Trapped; she has said that they will not marry until same-sex couples are able to have their marriages recognized. In October 2005, her mother, Gerda, was married in California. The media thought that Charlize was the one getting married (to Townsend) and the paparazzi got as close as they could for the photos.
While filming on Flux in Berlin, Germany, Theron had surgery on a herniated disc in her neck, the result of an injury incurred on the set during a stunt.
In May 2006, Maxim magazine named Theron #25 in its annual Hot 100 issue.
Theron is also involved in women's rights organizations.
In 2006, Theron won GLAAD's Vanguard Award at the GLAAD Media Awards for increasing "visibility and understanding in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community."
Theron is a supporter of animal rights and active member of PETA. She recently appeared in a PETA ad for their anti-fur campaign.
In an interview on CNN in 2007 she argued that the United States has as many limitations to its freedoms as Cuba and was widely ridiculed by CNN and media pundits.

Notable roles:
-Helga Svelgen in 2 Days in the Valley (1996).
-Aileen Wuornos in Monster (2003).
-Britt Ekland in The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (2004).
Academy Awards:
-Best Actress: 2003 Monster.
Golden Globe Awards:
-Best Actress - Motion Picture Drama: 2004 Monster.
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