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Bruna Adbullah is known as MTV India's sexy Brazilian VJ and also participates in some bollywood movies wearing skimpy, slutty and tight clothing. Bruna abdullah is also known for her long legs and sexy Spanish accent. Bruna abdullah is quarter Muslim Arabic since her mom was half Muslim Arabic and half Brazilian and Brunas dad was full Brazilian. Bruna abdullah was raised in Brazil and uses the screen name Bruna Abdullah since its more relevant to her Muslim fanbase in Dubai, Pakistan and India when she really doesn't even practice slam anymore but who knows, being in bollywood around all the Khans' she might become more Islamic in her ways.
Bruna abdullah : bruna abdalah 341 1212
Bruna abdullah : bruna abdalah 341 1212
By User: anorexicpride
3 Votes, 4.66/5
Bruna abdullah : bruna abdalah 340 12
Bruna abdullah : bruna abdalah 340 12
By User: anorexicpride
3 Votes, 2.34/5

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