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August 18, 2008: "Bono Told To Lose Weight Before Release Of New U2 Album And Tour"

Bono has reportedly been ordered to lose weight before U2 release their new album and start a proposed world tour next year.

The singer has been told he needs to lose his excess pounds before the band start their promotional duties again.

A source told the New York Post newspaper: "U2 have an album coming out around January. And then the band is going on another world tour in March and April - so the boys have been told to start exercising all the summer weight off."

U2 are rumored to be calling the new record, their first in four years, "No Line On The Horizon."

Tracks on the LP have been leaked on the internet after a fan recorded the music from the upcoming record that Bono was playing in his French villa.

The four leaked songs are believed to be called "Moment of Surrender," "For Your Love," "Sexy Boots" and "No Line On The Horizon."


July 29, 2008: "Bono To Be Godfather To Angelina Jolie Twins"

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt have managed to agree on U2 frontman Bono for godfather, according to a report.

"Brad and Angie think the world of Bono," a source tells The Mirror.

"They have been friends for years. Brad is a massive U2 fan and told Bono how much he admired him when they were introduced at a party a few years back.

"Since then, they've become very close, which Brad is thrilled about.

"Angelina is inspired by Bono's humanitarian work and gets on with his wife Ali Hewson. Ali's given Angelina some clothes from her ethical clothing range Edun."


July 7, 2008: " Bono Speaks Out On Music Industry"

U2 front man Bono has had his say on the current state of the music industry, in a sternly worded letter.

In a letter to NME, Bono said: While there is no doubt that its extremely difficult for a new artist to get the kind of investment on which U2 depended in the first few wobbly years of recording, we disagree with Pauls assessment of Radioheads release as having backfired to a certain extent. We think they were courageous and imaginative in trying to figure out some new relationship with their audience. Such imagination and courage are in short supply right now. Theyre a sacred talent and we feel blessed to be around at the same time.

He is of course referring to manager Paul McGuinness recent comments that Radioheads honor system backfired.

Bono also subtly took a swipe at ISPs for not doing enough to curb illegal downloading, saying We agree that it is disturbing to see internet service providers and technology companies profit from the so-called disintermediation of the music business when so many music lovers are losing their jobs.

So there you have it, some more food for thought (although lets face it, no real answers) on the rocky future of the music industry.


Music lead singer and principal lyricist of the Irish rock band U2, Bono picture(s)/pic(s), wallpaper and photo gallery, albums covers pictures.
Birth name: Paul David Hewson.
Also known as: Bono.
Born: May 10, 1960 Dublin, Ireland.

Bono biography (bio):
Paul David Hewson known as Bono is the lead singer and principal lyricist of the Irish rock band U2. Bono was raised in Dublin and attended Mount Temple Comprehensive School where he met his wife, Ali Hewson, and the future members of U2. Since that time he has been referred to as Bono, his stage and nickname, by his family and fellow band members. Almost all U2 songs are written by Bono and he often writes lyrics using political, social and religious themes. During their early years, Bono's lyrics partly contributed to U2's rebellious tone. Later the lyrics became more personal inspired by experiences of members of U2.
Bono has taken part in several other endeavors outside of U2 and has collaborated and recorded with numerous artists. He has also participated in different business ventures. Bono sits on the board of Elevation Partners and has refurbished and now owns a hotel with fellow band member, The Edge. Bono is also widely known for his activism concerning Africa. He has organized and played in several benefit concerts and has met with several, influential politicians throughout his lifetime. Bono has been the subject of both substantial praise and criticism due to his activism and involvement with U2. Among numerous awards and nominations, Bono has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, was granted an honorary knighthood by the United Kingdom, and was named as a Person of the Year by Time.
Paul David Hewson was raised in Dublin alongside his brother, Norman Hewson, by his mother, Iris Rankin Hewson, a Protestant, and his father, Brendan Robert "Bob" Hewson, a Roman Catholic. Bono was 14 when his mother died on 10 September 1974 of a cerebral aneurysm at her father's funeral. Many songs from U2's albums, including "I Will Follow", "Mofo", "Out of Control", and "Tomorrow", focus on the loss of his mother.

Personal life:
Bono is married to Alison Hewson. Their relationship began in 1975 and the couple were married on 21 August 1982 in an Anglican ceremony at a chapel on the Guinness family estate with Adam Clayton acting as Bono's best man. The couple have four children, Jordan, Memphis Eve, Elijah Bob Patricius and John Abraham. Bono lives in Killiney in south County Dublin, Ireland, with his family and shares a villa in ze in the Alpes-Maritimes in the south of France with U2 bandmate The Edge, as well as an apartment at The San Remo in Manhattan.
Bono is almost never seen in public without wearing sunglasses. During a Rolling Stone interview he stated:

[I have] very sensitive eyes to light. If somebody takes my photograph, I will see the flash for the rest of the day. My right eye swells up. I've a blockage there, so that my eyes go red a lot. So it's part vanity, it's part privacy, and part sensitivity."

Stage name:
Hewson attended Mount Temple Comprehensive School, a multi denominational school in Clontarf. During his childhood and adolescence, Hewson and his friends were part of a surrealist street gang called "Lypton Village," which had a ritual of nickname-giving. He had several names: first, he was "Steinvic von Huyseman", then just "Huyseman", then "Houseman", then "Bon Murray", "Bono Vox of O'Connell Street", and finally just "Bono".
"Bono Vox" is an alteration of Bonavox, a brand of hearing aid. The phrase in Latin translates to "good voice". "Bona Vox" was the name of a hearing aid shop they regularly passed in Dublin. It is said he was nicknamed "Bono Vox" after the shop by his friend Gavin Friday, of later Virgin Prunes fame, because he sang so loudly he seemed to be singing for the deaf. Initially, Bono did not like this name. However, when he learned it loosely translated to "good voice", he accepted it. Hewson has been known as "Bono" since the late seventies, even prior to formation of U2. Although he uses Bono as his stage name, close family and friends also refer to him as Bono, including his wife and fellow band members.

Bono and U2:
In 1976, Bono responded to an advertisement by fellow student Larry Mullen, Jr. to form a rock band, as did The Edge (David Howell Evans), Dick Evans, and Adam Clayton. After Dick (nicknamed 'Dik') Evans left the group, the remaining four officially changed the name from "The Hype" to "U2". Initially Bono sang, played guitar, and wrote the band's songs. When The Edge's guitar playing improved, Bono was relegated mostly to the microphone, although he occasionally still plays rhythm guitar and harmonica.
Bono writes the lyrics for almost all U2 songs, often rich in social and political themes. Frequently his lyrics allude to a religious connection or meaning, evident in songs such as "Gloria" from the band's album October and "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", from the The Joshua Tree album. During the band's early years, Bono was known for his rebellious tone which turned to political anger and rage during the band's War, The Joshua Tree and Rattle and Hum eras. Following the Enniskillen bombing that left 11 dead and 63 injured on 8 November 1987, the Provisional IRA paramilitaries threatened to kidnap Bono. IRA supporters also attacked a vehicle carrying the band members. These acts were in response to his speech condemning the Remembrance Day Bombing during a live performance of Sunday Bloody Sunday. The singer had been advised to cut his on-stage outburst from the Rattle and Hum film, but it was left in.
U2's sound and focus dramatically changed with their next album, Achtung Baby. Bono's lyrics became more personal, inspired by experiences related to the private lives of the members of the band. During the band's Zoo TV Tour several of his stage personas were showcased; these included "The Fly", a stereotypical rock star, the "Mirror Ball Man", a parody of American televangelists, and "Mr. MacPhisto", a combination of a corrupted rock star and the Devil.
During performances he attempts to interact with the crowd as often as possible and is known for pulling audience members onto the stage or moving himself down to the physical level of the audience. This has happened on several occasions including at the Live Aid concert in 1985 where he leapt off the stage, over a security barricade to the floor of the arena, and pulled a woman from the crowd to dance with her as the band played "Bad", and in 2005 during U2's Vertigo Tour stop in Chicago, where he pulled a boy onto the stage during the song "An Cat Dubh / Into the Heart".
Bono has won numerous awards with U2, including 22 Grammy awards and a Golden Globe award for best original song, "The Hands That Built America" for the film Gangs of New York. In 2005, the U2 band members were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in their first year of eligibility.
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