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Birth name: William Matthew Currington.
Born: November 19, 1973 Rincon, Georgia, United States.

Billy Currington biography (bio):
Early Life & Rise to Success:
Billy was born and raised in Rincon, Georgia, United States. He has four sisters and two brothers. He currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. His mother married Larry Currington when he was only one and a half years old. For the next few years Currington suffered abuse from his alcoholic father, who later died from cancer.
When he was a junior in high school, Currington auditioned for a spot at Opryland, the renowned Country theme park located in Nashville, Tennessee, the country music capital. Failing the audition, after high school, he moved down to Nashville to pursue his career in Country music. His first stint didn't last too long, and he later sang for a bar down in Georgia. In Nashville, Currington also worked for a concrete company, as well as a personal trainer. One of the clients he worked with as a personal trainer led Currington to recording demo tapes, as well as writing songs.
Soon after, Currington was signed to Mercury Records.

Current Success:
His self-titled debut album was released in 2003. The first single was "Walk A Little Straighter" about his relationship with his alcoholic step-father. The chorus of the song was written by Currington at the age of 12.[citation needed] "Walk a Little Straighter" went on to peak at #8 that year on the Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart and established Currington as a major Country performer in Nashville. He first hit the Top 5 on the country charts with his second single, "I Got a Feelin'", also from his debut album.
Billy scored a third consecutive top 10 hit with Shania Twain in late 2004, on the song "Party for Two". The song was from Shania's Greatest Hits album and was released in two formats -- a pop version with Mark McGrath as Shania's duet partner, and the country version, which featured Currington.
In 2005, Currington released a second album entitled Doin' Somethin' Right, which peaked at #2 on the Top Country Albums chart and #11 on the Billboard 200. Billy threw the CD release party for Doin' Somethin' Right at the Kappa Alpha Order fraternity house at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Both CMT and GAC were on-location to film the much anticipated performance. Doin' Somethin' Right produced his first number-one single in "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right"; however, the follow-up, "Why, Why, Why", landed just shy of the Top 10. "Good Directions", the album's third single, has since become Currington's second number-one single as of May 2007.
Currington is putting finishing touches on his third album for Mercury Records, due fall 2007. The first single, "Tangled Up", is a sexy, rocking number and a departure from his previous efforts.
On July 19, Billy announced he has canceled the rest of his 2007 tour dates because of a throat ailment illness.
Billy Currington - Billy Currington album cover
Billy Currington - Billy Currington album cover
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Billy Currington - Doing something right album cover
Billy Currington - Doing something right album cover
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