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Birth name: Ashlee Nicole Simpson.
Born: October 3, 1984 Dallas, Texas, USA.

September 8, 2008: "Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz Expecting Twins?"

Ashlee Simpson and rocker hubby Pete Wentz are said to be the latest celebrity couple on course for a double dose of baby joy. Is there something in the water in Hollywood?

Pete's pal, hip hop artist, Tyga, confirmed the twin rumours at a pre-VMA party, telling reporters, "Theyre having twins. Theyre really happy."

However, as word of Tygas comments spread, the couples rep went on the record calling the claims false.

Confusion around the baby buzz was fuelled earlier this year when Pete referred to the baby as "them."


August 28, 2008: "Pregnant Ashlee Simpson Buys Six Pairs Of Size Zero Jeans To Motivate Her To Lose Weight"

Ashlee Simpson has bought six pairs of size zero jeans to motivate her to lose weight.

The singer is reportedly so worried about shifting her post-pregnancy pounds that she purchased the tiny trousers to help her stay focused.

A source told the National Enquirer magazine: "Ashlee broke down in tears at a doctor's appointment in early August when she found out she's gained more weight than is considered in the healthy range."

"She went straight to the Planet Blue shop in Los Angeles and bought six pairs of size zero jeans. She can't wear them now, but she hopes it will give her the incentive to watch what she eats."

Ashlee, 23, recently revealed she "can't wait" for her baby to be born.

She said: "We're getting the nursery ready. I can't wait to be a mom and he can't wait to be a dad, so it's fun."

"I have the greatest husband. He's so awesome. It's fun to have somebody that I love to do this with. The baby is my main focus right now. We're both so excited. I mean, this is definitely the happiest moment in my life."


August 26, 2008: "Ashlee Simpson "Can't Wait" To Be A Mom"

Ashlee Simpson "can't wait" to be a mother. The "Outta My Head" singer, who is married to rocker Pete Wentz, announced in May she is expecting her first child later this year and is overcome with excitement about the impending arrival.

She told "Entertainment Tonight Canada": "We're getting the nursery ready. I can't wait to be a mom and he can't wait to be a dad, so it's fun."

"I have the greatest husband. He's so awesome. It's fun to have somebody that I love to do this with. The baby is my main focus right now. We're both so excited. I mean, this is definitely the happiest moment in my life."

"My mom and my grandmother have given me good motherly advice but it's one of those things where your mother instincts kind of kick in right away."

Despite their preparations, Ashlee, 22, admitted she and Fall Out Boy star Pete, 29, haven't chosen a name for the baby yet.

Joking about calling the child Orange, Ashlee added: "I don't think it's something we'll decide until the baby comes."


July 18, 2008: "Ashlee Simpson Expecting A Baby Girl"

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are reportedly set to have a Halloween baby.

The couple were said to be thrilled when they found out they were expecting a daughter due on October 31.

A source told America's Star magazine: "Ashlee and Pete are on cloud nine. The doctor told them they actually conceived the baby just before Valentine's Day while they were on vacation and has given them an initial due date of October 31."

Fall Out Boy rocker Pete - who loves the spooky holiday - is reportedly especially pleased he will welcome his new baby into the world on the scary day.

The source added: "When Pete heard he might have his baby on Halloween, he went nuts. For a rocker type like Pete, that would be just too perfect!"

It was recently reported Ashlee, 23, has embarked on a strict exercise regime to avoid gaining too much weight during the pregnancy.

A source said: "She's still clinging to the hope that she can limit her total weight gain to no more than 30 to 35lbs. So she is doing low-impact exercises, such as riding the stationary bike and Pilates."


July 3, 2008: "Ashlee Simpson Expecting Baby Boy"

Ashlee Simpson is reportedly expecting a baby boy, she has listed her baby requirements on a gift register at exclusive Los Angeles baby boutique Petit Tresor, and they seem to be for a boy.

A source said: "Almost everything is blue. They made it very clear that it was a boy."

When the couple visited the store, they bought a selection of T-shirts and bibs from the Plain Mary collection with the words, 'Hunk', 'Loved' and 'Yummy' emblazoned on the front.

Ashlee and Pete are set to visit the baby boutique again next week to discuss the nursery. Pete recently revealed he is keen to find out the sex of his baby. He said: "I'd like to know the sex of the baby. It would be a bummer if you bought a boy a bunch of pink stuff!"tytt


May 31, 2008: "Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Confirm Pregnancy"

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz finally confirmed that they are expecting their first child.

While many have speculated about this, we wanted to wait until after the first trimester to officially confirm that we are expecting our first child, they wrote on Pete Wentzs site, This is truly the most joyous time in our lives and we are excited to share the happy news and start our family.

Ashlee Simpson, who has changed her name to Ashlee Wentz but will go by Ashlee Simpson-Wentz professionally, said after the wedding, I would love to have a big family one day.


May 28, 2008: "Ashlee Simpson Now Ashlee Wentz"

Newly married Ashlee Simpson is changing her name to Ashlee Wentz in honor of her husband, Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz.

I think that thats something that a woman should do when theyre marrying a man, she said. Its a tradition I think is a great tradition.

The singer, who got married May 17, says privately shell go by Ashlee Wentz and professionally, shell be Ashlee Simpson-Wentz.

Pete Wentz says he left the name change decision to his wife.

These decisions are all completely up to Ashlee, Wentz said. I want her to do these kinds of things the way she wants to do them.

Still, he admits, he was flattered.
Oh man, I was like upgrade me! You know what Im saying? The Wentz family, our Christmas card just got upgraded! It feels insane. It feels unreal.


May 26, 2008: "Ashlee Simpson Wedding Photo Released"

The first public images to surface from Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz's marriage to Ashlee Simpson hit the Web Wednesday morning, over at People magazine's online home.

The image, which shows the couple her in an ivory lace Monique Lhuillier dress, a diamond necklace with matching earrings and a cathedral-length veil; him in a black Dior Homme tuxedo with white bowtie and their ringbearer, Wentz's English bulldog Hemingway, will grace the cover of People's forthcoming issue, which hits newsstands on Friday.

The rockers' wedding Saturday night was a non-denominational event, with an "Alice in Wonderland" theme; the bride's father, Joe Simpson, officiated, and Ashlee's sister, Jessica, served as her bridesmaid. The affair unfolded in the backyard of Joe and Tina Simpson's Encino, California, home, and was attended by approximately 150 guests.


May 23, 2008: "Ashlee Simpson On Tour"

Ashlee Simpson is going on tour this summer and she is set to play state fairs and House of Blues venues across America. Ashlee Simpson went on a club tour earlier this year.

Ashlee Simpson tour schedule covers about a month kicking off on June 9th at the House of Blues in Chicago and wrapping up on July 1st at Capital One Bank Theatre at Westbury, New York.


May 14, 2008: "Ashlee Simpson Calls Britney Spears "Trashy""

Ashlee Simpson was left more than a little embarrassed when she inadvertently called pop peer Britney Spears trashy in a recent radio interview.

Quizzed about her knowledge on London rhyming slang during a recent visit to the U.K., Ashlee Simpson was asked what she thought the phrase, "You've had one-too-many Britney Spears" meant.

Unaware the term referred to someone who had drunk too much beer, Ashlee Simpson offered her take on the phrase and immediately wished she had kept her mouth shut.

Speaking on British music show The Nokia Green Room, she recalled, "I was like, 'Oh, you've had one too many trashy girls!' And I was like, 'Oh my god, I can't believe I just said that! "It was really bad, I felt horrible."


May 13, 2008: "Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz Will Marry This Saturday"

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz will wed Saturday, May 17 at a "top secret" location, a source close to the couple said.

"Proper invites have not been sent out but instead guests have been given a save the date notice," the source said.

The rehearsal dinner described by the source as "an intimate affair" for "family and close friends only" will take place on Friday.

On Saturday, "all guests will be transported in shuttles to the wedding location," the source explained.

Regarding Simpson's upcoming wedding, her spokesperson told: "This is a private matter. There is nothing to confirm."


April 18, 2008: "Ashlee Simpsons Ridiculous Baby Pics Asking Price"

Though theres still no official pregnancy confirmation from Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz, prospective Grampa Joe is already shopping cover shots of the maybe-babys mommy to the magazines. Theres just one problem: Page Six reports Ashlees pop expects more adorable little dollar signs than the photos are worth.

Joe is contacting all the weeklies and asking them to pony up $1 million to put Ashlee on the cover, a tabloid insider told the publication. The deal would include photos of Ashlee taken by Joe, of course, so he can make more money an interview and photos of the baby when she has it.

According to one magazine editor, Joe has an unrealistic expectation of what Ashlee can command. The Page Six source estimated the value of the pics closer to $60,000 maybe but definitely not a million.

The timing is a little suspicious. Her album (Bittersweet World) is dropping next week, and there was little to no interest until now. Ashlee's lucky she got pregnant, frankly.


April 17, 2008 : "Ashlee Simpson Talks About Pregnancy Rumors"

Ashlee Simpson still denying to talk about pregnancy rumors, she was asked about the rumours on MTV's 'TRL' but dodged the question.

Simpson said that she would "have had a baby by now" if the rumors were true.

She also said: "I just think it's an inappropriate question to ask any woman. For me, that's something that I didn't ever want to respond to, because I think it's an inappropriate question."

"Some things, you want to keep personal, and I think that when people deny [pregnancy reports], it's probably because it's something they want to keep personal."


Tuesday, April 15: "Ashlee Simpson Is Pregnant"

Ashlee Simpson and her fiance, Pete Wentz, are reportedly expecting a child together.

US magazine broke the news just days after the couple announced that they were engaged.

Representatives for the 23-year-old had no immediate comment on the report and no further details are available.

Simpson has been romantically linked to Fall Out Boy's Wentz, 28, since 2006.

On Thursday the couple posted a statement on the social networking website in which they announced that they would be getting married.

"We are thrilled to share that we are happily engaged. We consider this to be a very private matter, but we wanted you to hear it straight from us," the announcement said.


April 10, 2008: "Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Engaged"

The popstar and Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz have announced theyre getting married.

Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy guitarist Pete Wentz have announced their engagement.

The happy couple have been together for three years with Ashlee- sister of Jessica- announcing the news in a statement saying:

"We know there has been a lot of speculation recently about Pete and I and we wanted our fans to be the first to know, because you guys are the best. Yes, we are thrilled to share that we are happily engaged.

She continued: Thank you for all of your support and well wishes - it means the world to us! We consider this to be a very private matter, but we wanted you to hear it straight from us. - Ashlee and Pete."

Its certainly refreshing to hear celebs admitting that they are engaged. In Touch magazine reports that Jessicas parents are pleased.

A friend told the mag: She has an amazing ring, and they are so in love.


April 1, 2008: "Ashlee Simpsons SNL Snub"

Ashlee Simpson has denied reports she has been banned from appearing on "Saturday Night Live."

The star was left red-faced after she was caught lip-syncing during a performance on the show in 2004, but reports claim the singer was eager to make a return to the series to promote her new album, "Bittersweet World."

Sources tell the New York Post's Page Six column Simpson was "a pain" during her time on "Saturday Night Live," and that the show's producers were reluctant to have her back.

However, Simpson's publicist insists she won't be appearing on the show due to conflicting schedules.

A representative for the star says, "We're not doing 'SNL' because they're dark the week we are here in April and there were no other opportunities later in the year."


February 28, 2008: "Ashlee has a 'promise ring' from Pete Wentz"

Ashlee Simpson was on Fuse yesterday where she denied she's pregnant or engaged to Pete. The singer sparked rumors that she and boyfriend Pete Wentz were ready to tie the knot after she was spotted out sporting a diamond ring on her engagement ring finger.

Ashlee said the ring that she is wearing is a promise ring, not an engagement ring. Ashlee said, It just means that he hasnt asked my dad yet.


NEW pictures of ASHLEE SIMPSON at the Los Angeles Premiere 'Cloverfield' in Paramount Pictures Lot
January 16, 2008

Ashlee Nicole Simpson is an American pop rock singer, songwriter, and actress, and younger sister of pop singer Jessica Simpson. Simpson rose to prominence in mid-2004 through the success of her number-one debut album Autobiography and the accompanying reality series The Ashlee Simpson Show. Simpson received widespread criticism when she used a pre-recorded vocal track for a performance on Saturday Night Live in October 2004. Following a North American concert tour and a film appearance, Simpson released a second number-one album, I Am Me, in late 2005.
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