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April 22, 2008: "Ali Lohan: Finally An Actress"

Lindsay Lohans little sister, Ali, signed her first movie contract at the age 14, the movie name is Mostly Ghostly.

Alis role shares similarities with her older sisters character in the 2004 film Mean Girls: Shell play a popular high school senior in the film, says a source.

Ali is now recording an album and a reality show for E! called Living Lohan.


March 12, 2008: "Ali Lohan Auditions For High School Musical"

Lindsay Lohan's younger sister Ali has auditioned to appear in High School Musical 3.

Ali Lohan is being lined up to play a "spoilt little princess" opposite Zac Efron, reports E!.

A spokesperson has confirmed she is auditioning for a role, which is rumoured to be a younger version of Ashley Tisdale's character Sharpay.

High School Musical regular Vanessa Hudgens is reportedly upset that the teen star may be given the part and is concerned by the media interest that follows the Lohan family.

A source said: "When Vanessa heard that Ali was vying for a part in High School Musical 3, she flipped.

"She knows Ali isn't Lindsay, but shes still weary of the drama the Lohan clan brings."
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Ali Lohan : ali-lohan-pic 244x425
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Ali Lohan : ali-lohan 352x416
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