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Born: March 21, 1978 Prague, Czechoslovakia (present Czech Republic).
Measurements: 94-60-92 (EU).
Height: 181 cm.
Eye colour: Dark brown.
Hair colour: Dark brown.
Ethnicity: Czech.

Alena Seredova biography (bio):
Alena Seredova is a Czech top model currently living in Italy.
Seredova was Vice Miss Czech Republic in 1998 and her country's representative at Miss World 1998 and started her international career as model in 2002, being chosen by the Italian comedian Giorgio Panariello for his own prime-time TV show. Alena was featured on the covers of several magazines including Penthouse Europe, Playboy Europe, Spy, Extreme and Quo. In 2005, Alena was chosen to pose in Max Calendar. Her boyfriend is the Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, who plays for Juventus football club.

* Ho visto le stelle (2003; Viděl jsem hvězdy); comedy, running time: 91 minutes,
director: Vincenzo Salemme
* Christmas in Love (2004; Zamilovan Vnoce); comedy, running time: 118 minutes,
director: Neri Parenti
Alena Seredova : 2143-alena05
Alena Seredova : 2143-alena05
By User: sweet51
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Alena Seredova : 2141-alena03
Alena Seredova : 2141-alena03
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