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Birth name: Krystle Kantrece Johnson.
Born: May 29, 1987 Los Angeles, CA, U.S.

Ak'Sent biography (bio):
Ak'Sent is an American rapper and singer from Los Angeles,California.
She is of African-American and Latino heritage. Signed to a major label when she was only 16 years old, MC Ak'Sent grew up quick thanks to a rough childhood. Her father, an aspiring rapper caught up in a gang lifestyle, was killed in a shooting when she was only four. With her mother unable to support her on her own, Ak'Sent was sent to live with her grandparents in L.A.'s South Central, where her African-American/Latino background had her wondering where to fit in. Adding to her challenges, rap music wasn't allowed in her grandparent's house, but as Ak'Sent learned more about her father's hip-hop aspirations, she decided she had to carry on in his honor. She eventually spent time in several R&B-based girl groups and began dance training with Debbie Allen. One showcase at the age of 16 had the young multi-talent signed to Capitol and working with the Jugganauts production team. Ak'Sent was especially excited about the Caribbean-styled beats the Jugganauts were working on, and soon she was writing a series of dancehall numbers.

One of these was the future hit Zingy, featuring guest star Beenie Man, who Ak'Sent herself had chosen because she was a huge fan. Her debut, International, landed in 2006 with a Spanish language remix of Zingy and an ode to her departed father titled My Life, these are taken from her first studio album, International. As well as various mixtapes, her first album was ready to sell. International is the first Studio album from hip-hop artist Ak'Sent. However, it was only released in Japan.It features the first single, 'Zingy'.
Ak Sent : aksent
Ak Sent : aksent
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