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Birth name: Torrie Anne Wilson.
Born: July 24, 1975 Boise, Idaho.
Billed height: 5 ft 7 in (170 cm).
Billed weight: 133 lb (60 kg).

Torrie Wilson biography (bio):
Born in Boise, Idaho, at age ten Wilson moved to the small town of McCall, Idaho after her parents divorced. She was painfully shy, but she quickly found friends in her new school. She quickly found her niche in many school activities, including cheerleading and dance, and was very competitive in track and field.
During high school, after Wilson's interest in modeling grew more serious, her mother urged her to pursue it. They visited an agency and were informed that Torrie would have to lose weight to actually be considered for jobs. She went on to lose eight pounds, but, in the process, began a four-year-long bout with bulimia.

World Championship Wrestling (1999-2001):
Wilson moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. She began acting classes and was introduced to an agent who helped her gain a few jobs, including an uncredited appearance on Baywatch. Torrie debuted in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1999. However, it was a meeting with Kevin Nash backstage at her first WCW event that landed her a full time job. She debuted as "Samantha" and served as valet for David Flair. At the 1999 Bash at the Beach, Wilson led Flair over Dean Malenko to capture the WCW United States Championship.
In the fall of 1999 Wilson began managing Billy Kidman and his Filthy Animals teammates. As a result she found herself involved in the Animals continuing feud with The Revolution. At November's Mayhem, Revolution members Malenko, Perry Saturn, and Asya met Eddie Guerrero, Kidman, and Wilson in a six-person elimination match. Wilson wound up being the last member of her team and was pinned by Saturn. The next night on Nitro, Wilson and Guerrero were shown flirting on the "Kidcam" during Kidman and Konnan's tag team match. This led to a match between Kidman and Guerrero later that night and the breakup of the Filthy Animals team. Following this, Wilson disappeared from television.
However, Wilson returned on the January 19, 2000 edition of Thunder to help Kidman defeat The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Iaukea. In April 2000, Kidman and Wilson joined the New Blood faction, making them both heels and Wilson began delivering a "kiss of death" to Kidman's fallen opponents after his matches. However, Kidman soon became jealous of the attention Torrie began to give to fellow New Blood member Horace Hogan. Kidman began yelling at Torrie on a continual basis, eventually leading to Wilson delivering a low blow to Kidman and ending their relationship. Wilson again gave Kidman a low blow at June's Great American Bash, causing him to lose to Horaces uncle, Hulk Hogan.
Torrie was taken off of TV following this, reappearing at July's Bash at the Beach during a match between Shane Douglas and Buff Bagwell. It appeared Wilson was rooting for Bagwell, as she slapped Douglas and kissed Bagwell during the match. However, Wilson dropped Bagwell with a low blow, leading to Douglas winning the match. Torrie and Douglas then left together. This led to a feud between Kidman and Douglas. At New Blood Rising in August, Kidman defeated Douglas in a strap match. At the following month's Fall Brawl, Wilson and Douglas defeated Kidman and Madusa in a mixed tag team scaffold match.
Wilson and Douglas began a feud with the re-united Filthy Animals after dubbing themselves "WCW's first couple." At Halloween Havoc 2000, Wilson and Douglas fell to Konnan and Tygress.
Wilson's final appearance with World Championship Wrestling came on the November 29 edition of Thunder where Douglas took on General Rection. During the contest, Wilson jumped on Rection's back, resulting in her being knocked into the turnbuckle and placed on a stretcher to be removed from the ring.

World Wrestling Entertainment:

2001: The Invasion:
Torrie Wilson made her WWF TV debut on the June 28, 2001 episode of SmackDown! as part of The Alliance during the WCW/ECW Invasion storyline in 2001. She regularly teamed with fellow WCW performer Stacy Keibler with Torrie defeating Trish Stratus in an arm wrestling match. The two of them made their wrestling debuts in WWF in a Bra and Panties match against Lita and Trish Stratus at the WWF Invasion PPV which Trish and Lita won. The following night on RAW, Torrie defeated Trish Stratus in a paddle on a pole match. Despite her relative lack of in-ring experience, Wilson (alongside Keibler and Ivory) regularly feuded with the WWE Divas as well as interfering in matches on behalf of other wrestlers in the WCW/ECW stable.
She turned face during the Invasion storyline, when her character began an on-screen romance with Tajiri. This new romance caused Stacy Keibler to turn on Wilson, and as a result, Wilson defected to the WWF. Wilson defeated Keibler in the first-ever lingerie match at No Mercy 2001 after executing Tajiri's back handspring elbow.

2002-2003: SmackDown!:
When the first ever brand separation of the WWE roster took place in April 2002, Wilson was drafted to SmackDown!. Soon after this, Tajiri became very jealous of the attention that Torrie received from other men, so he forced her to wear a geisha outfit, and he also appeared to mistreat her in matches. Torrie finally tired of this, during Tajiri's match against The Hurricane, she got onto the announce table and stripped off her clothing. The distraction allowed The Hurricane to pick up the win. After this, Wilson had a brief on-screen relationship with Maven, which ended after Maven was injured with a broken leg.
Wilson's most high profile feud during her first few years with the company came in 2003 when Dawn Marie tried to marry her father Al Wilson as blackmail for a lesbian relationship between the two. Eventually, Dawn developed feelings for Al, and the two got married. Al then (kayfabe) died from a heart attack after having rigorous sex numerous times in succession on their honeymoon. Wilson defeated Dawn at No Mercy 2002 in October and again at the Royal Rumble 2003 in a step-mother vs. step-daughter match.
In May 2003, Wilson appeared in a pictorial and on the cover of Playboy Magazine. It was a few months before this time when her pictorial was announced, that a short feud with Nidia began, with the latter being jealous (kayfabe) of the fact that Wilson was picked for the cover and spread in the magazine. Both Nidia and her on-screen boyfriend Jamie Noble made trips to the Playboy mansion on different episodes of SmackDown! to complain to Hef about his picking Wilson over Nidia.
Soon after, on an April 2003 episode of SmackDown! during a segment labeled as Torrie's Playboy Coming Out Party former diva and Playboy centerfold Sable made her return to the WWE after a three year absence. This began another feud/storyline between the two women. For weeks, Sable played mind games with Wilson, being friendly one moment, unfriendly the next, and what Torrie considered too friendly after that (insinuating Sable had a homoerotic crush on Wilson). This all lead up to a bikini contest between the two at Judgment Day. Wilson won the contest and then, in the diva's first homoerotic move of her own, kissed the former Women's Champion Sable on the lips, showing her that there was "no hard feelings" due to Torrie's win over the WWE veteran.
Wilson managed Billy Gunn upon his WWE return in the summer of 2003. The duo feuded with Jamie Noble and his on-screen girlfriend Nidia. The feud came to an end after Nidia and Noble both turned face and sided with Gunn and Wilson. After the formation of this alliance, Torrie, Nidia, and Dawn Marie would feud with Shaniqua for a short period of time, an ordeal that lead to Shaniqua easily defeating Wilson and Nidia in a handicap match.

Torrie would team with Sable in March 2004 to feud with RAW divas Stacy Kiebler and Miss Jackie. The feud centered around the latter duo's jealously (kayfabe) of Wilson and Sable's Playboy cover status as well as their recently being named covergirls yet again, as the two divas were announced to be featured together in an upcoming Playboy issue. After weeks of rivalry, Wilson and Sable defeated Stacy Keibler and Miss Jackie in a Playboy Evening Gown Match at WrestleMania XX. The two would appear in a pictorial and on the cover of Playboy together for the March 2004 issue.
Later in the year, Wilson engaged in short feuds with both Dawn Marie and Sable. She defeated Dawn at Judgment Day 2004 and faced Sable in a match at the Great American Bash 2004. Sable was proclaimed the winner after a Controversial three-count pin on Wilson. In November 2004, Wilson began feuding with Hiroko and numerous catfights took place between the two divas.
Finally, on February 10, 2005 on a special edition of SmackDown! (recorded on February 4 in Saitama, Japan), Torrie defeated Hiroko in a kimono match. Not long after the rivalry with Hiroko, Wilson began a new feud with Melina, which included a Bra and Panties Match at the Great American Bash 2005, which Wilson lost.

2005: Move to RAW
It was revealed on August 22, 2005 that Torrie and Candice Michelle had been traded to RAW in the 2005 draft lottery. Torrie would turn heel by attacking Ashley Massaro. After this turn she debuted a new finishing face buster move, known as the Nose Job.
Torrie and Candice's feud with Massaro continued over the next couple weeks, as the duo along with their enforcer Victoria, made things difficult for Massaro. Massaro evened the score on the September 12, 2005 edition of RAW when she brought out the returning Trish Stratus, and the duo proceeded to attack the heels. This led to a tag match at Unforgiven 2005, where the team of Stratus and Massaro defeated Wilson and Victoria (with Candice Michelle).
The feud continued into WWE Homecoming, where Stratus and Ashley Massaro defeated Torrie, Candice, and Victoria in the first ever three on two Bra and Panties Match by stripping all three of their opponents. Wilson was absent from the WWE scene for quite some time after this, leading to rumors (and even false reports) that she had been released from WWE. In actuality she had taken a leave of absence to tend to some "personal issues". Wilson was surprised by the rumors herself upon hearing the news from media personnel offering to help her find work. WWE issued a statement on their website (which Torrie also commented on) denouncing the rumors. In the statement she joked she had to "call the WWE office and ask them if they forgot to fire me."
On November 28 Wilson made her return to RAW, where she, Candice Michelle and Victoria faced off against the team of Trish Stratus, Ashley, and their new ally Mickie James. Vince McMahon would soon begin referring to the team of Torrie Wilson, Victoria, and Candice Michelle as "Vince's Devils."

Vince's Devils would only be a short-lived alliance, as Torrie Wilson made a turn to a face diva once again after Candice Michelle and Victoria turned on her (kayfabe). The feud between Candice Michelle and Wilson was a lengthy one that led to a match in which Playboy's newest covergirl, Candice Michelle, faced off against the former 2-time covergirl (Wilson) at WrestleMania 22 in a Playboy Pillow Fight. Wilson won the match, but the feud would still continue on-and-off for some time.
On the June 12, 2006 edition of RAW, Torrie Wilson defeated Candice Michelle in the first ever "Wet & Wild Match" (a wrestling match involving water balloons and squirt guns with both competitors wearing white clothing) in which the winner of the match would be on the cover of the WWE 2006 Summer Special magazine. Torrie Wilson also made a special appearance on WWE's ECW brand on August 22, 2006 representing RAW in a bikini contest against ECW Diva Kelly Kelly. However, no winner was decided, and a six-person mixed tag match began pitting Torrie Wilson, Tommy Dreamer, and The Sandman against the team of Kelly Kelly, Mike Knox, and Test. Torrie's team was victorious. In October of 2006, a WWE Women's Championship Tournament was scheduled to determine the new Women's Champion. Torrie participated in the tournament, but she lost in the first round of the tournament to Melina. In the final months of 2006, Torrie entered into a kayfabe relationship with Carlito.

2007: Back On SmackDown!:
In May 2007, Carlito dumped Torrie when he turned heel claiming that she was nothing but "dead weight." On the June 11, 2007 edition of RAW, Wilson was drafted from RAW to SmackDown! as part of the 2007 WWE Draft.

Chloe is Torrie's pet dog. Torrie often brings Chloe to ringside during her appearances on WWE programming to frighten the other people in the ring.
Torrie Wilson had been traveling with Chloe since December 2004, but not until late 2005 would Chloe make her first appearance on RAW.
Chloe joined Torrie as part of the stable Vince's Devils, along side Victoria and Candice Michelle. Chloe even made appearances in the ring, acting as interference during the divas' matches. Her first in ring experience coming during Carlito's "Beat the Clock Match" against Victoria when Chloe ran across the ring to her owner Torrie to distract Carlito.
The next week on RAW, Chloe got involved during another of Victoria's matches, this time with Maria. During the match Torrie held Chloe up and rubbed the little dog's behind into Maria's face. (This "move" would later be referred to as the Chloe Tush Push.). On February 9, 2006, it was announced that Torrie and Chloe Wilson would present WWE Best in Show, a look back on all the best canine moments from WWE history.
According to her MySpace page, Torrie also has dogs named Stewie and Rocky.

Personal Life:
* Torrie was married to Billy Kidman but they are now divorced.
* Torrie currently resides in Spring, Texas.
* Torrie has her official clothing line called "Officially Jaded", she will be opening a store in Houston, Texas called "Jaded".
* She is currently dating Nick Mitchell.
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Sexy Torrie Wilson FHM bikini pics
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Sexy Torrie Wilson FHM bikini pictures
Sexy Torrie Wilson FHM bikini pictures
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Sexy Torrie Wilson FHM bikini photos
Sexy Torrie Wilson FHM bikini photos
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Torrie Wilson arrives at the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards on October 13th 2009 2
Torrie Wilson arrives at the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards on October 13th 2009 2
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Torrie Wilson arrives at the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards on October 13th 2009 3
Torrie Wilson arrives at the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards on October 13th 2009 3
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Torrie Wilson arrives at the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards on October 13th 2009 1
Torrie Wilson arrives at the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards on October 13th 2009 1
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