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August 11, 2008: "Dannii Minogue Loves To Record A Duet With Big Sister Kylie"

Dannii Minogue says she would love to record a duet with her sister Kylie.

The Australian singer would love nothing more than to vocally collaborate with Kylie again soon.

She said: "I definitely want to do a duet, it's just about finding the right thing and the right time. I miss singing so I am planning to do some more next year. I did a duet with Kylie on her tour last year - we sang 'Kids' which was amazing. Every time we watch it back, we fall about laughing, especially when we are swinging each other around because we used to do that on roller skates when we were young."

"To us, that's us as kids, and as sisters, minus everything else. It was nice to share that. People think I don't like talking about Kylie but that couldn't be further from the truth. I understand why people ask about her. She is incredibly famous and loved by everyone so people want to know what it is like being her sister. That's normal. We are really different people so there has never been any competition."

Dannii also revealed despite being happy as a single woman, she would give everything up for "the right man."

She added to Britain's Cosmopolitan magazine: "I would for the right man. I curse my parents though. I say to them, 'It's your fault I'm single!' They gave us such a great childhood - my mother stayed at home while my dad went to work and I have such high hopes to recreate that."

"But at the same time, I love my career so I would struggle to choose between the two. And I spend six months in the U.K. and six months in Australia. Where am I doing to find a man who will do that?"


April 30, 2008: "Dannii Minogue Confirms X Factor Return"

Dannii Minogue will return as a judge on 'The X Factor' for her second series.

Dannii Minogue confirmed reports that she would be rejoining Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell at the judges' table.

She added that she was looking forward to reclaiming her title after having two of her acts reach last year's final.

Dannii Minogue said, "Yes, I'm going back to defend my title - Heavyweight Minogue is back!"

"There were some moments when I felt like I was back at school. It was distressing but I'm prepared for it this year."


April 4, 2008: "Dannii Minogue and Lewis Hamilton Plan a Secret Date!"

Dannii Minogue will meet Lewis Hamilton for dinner at the Monaco Grand Prix, say reports.

The pair exchanged mobile numbers after Hamilton's recent race triumph in Australia and he has now persuaded the X Factor judge to fly out to Monaco for a second date.

A source told The Sun: "Lewis has been texting Dannii like mad since they met in Melbourne. He took a real shine to her.

"Lewis thought she was gorgeous and was really impressed with her knowledge of cars. He wanted to take her out for dinner that night but she had something on that she couldn’t cancel.

"He’s kept at it and she’s finally agreed to meet him for dinner at the Monaco Grand Prix. Lewis is delighted they have finally set a date."

The Monaco Grand Prix takes place on May 25.


Music Singer and Songwriter Dannii Minogue picture(s)/pic(s), wallpaper and photo gallery , albums covers pictures.
Birth name: Danielle Jane Minogue.
Born: October 20, 1971 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Dannii Minogue biography (bio):
Danielle Jane Minogue is an Australian singer-songwriter, television personality and occasional actress, model and fashion designer. Minogue rose to prominence in the early 1980s for her roles in the Australian television talent show Young Talent Time and in the long-running Australian soap Home and Away, before commencing her career as a pop singer in the early 1990s.
Minogue achieved early success with hits such as "Love and Kisses" and "This Is It", though by the release of her second album, her popularity as a singer had declined, leading her to concentrate on other fields such as television presenting. The late 1990s saw a brief return to music after Minogue reinvented herself as a dance artist with "All I Wanna Do", her first number one UK Club hit. In 2001, Minogue further returned to musical success with the release of her biggest worldwide hit to date, "Who Do You Love Now?", while her subsequent album, Neon Nights, became the most successful of her career. In the UK, she has achieved eleven consecutive number one dance singles, becoming the best performing artist on the UK Upfront Club Chart. Minogue is currently signed to All Around the World and, in 2006, released her second official "best of" compilation, The Hits and Beyond.
Minogue's private life, including her marriage to Australian actor Julian McMahon and engagement to both Canadian Formula One driver Jacques Villeneuve and former Bros band member Craig Logan, has been much discussed in the media. She has promoted gay rights causes throughout the world, and is noted for her work to increase awareness of AIDS.

Personal life:

In January 1994, Minogue married Australian actor Julian McMahon, whom she met in 1991 while working on the television series Home and Away. Minogue and McMahon were married for less than two years and divorced in 1995. Referring to the divorce, Minogue said that it was her "biggest regret and biggest downfall". In October 1995, she posed nude in the Australian edition of Playboy magazine. Commenting on the reason she posed nude, Minogue said she "just had a marriage break-up. Most women go to the hairdressers - I did Playboy. I chose the photographer, the location, what I did or didn't want to wear and everything else about the pictures. I found it a really liberating, empowering experience." The edition featuring Minogue sold out in under four days and became one of the best-selling editions in Australia.
Minogue became engaged to Canadian Formula One driver Jacques Villeneuve in October 1999, but their relationship ended in 2001. In early 2002, Minogue began dating music producer and Bros bassist Craig Logan, whom she met while recording material for Neon Nights. Media reports in March 2002 claimed Minogue and Logan were engaged, but in December 2002, it was announced that they had ended their relationship.

Media portrayal and other activities:
In 1983, Minogue's older sister, Kylie, appeared with her on Young Talent Time before commencing a commercially successful music career in 1987. Minogue has often been compared to Kylie and has struggled to find respect from critics and is often portrayed as a "wannabe" by the media.[40] Both Minogue and her sister deny a sibling rivalry, but she admits that she finds it "hard to be compared all the time to Kylie."
Internationally viewed as a gay icon, Minogue has performed multiple times at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and the London nightclub G-A-Y, to which she was the first of the Minogue sisters to do so. She credits her gay following for much of her success, commenting that gay culture has "always been a part of [her] music." Minogue openly supports gay rights causes for social equality and believes that same-sex marriages should be accepted by all government bodies. In 2006, Danni Minouge was caught on CCTV camera having lesbian sex inside a shop or salon. This caused much specualtion about her sexuality though Minouge has remained silent about her sexuality.
Minogue is an ambassador for the Terrence Higgins Trust, an organization that works to increase awareness of AIDS. She joined the charity in hope that her endorsement would encourage people to discuss safe sex and the disease more openly. In 2004, she posed nude, wrapped only in a red ribbon, to promote World AIDS Day in Australia and the UK. She has long been a supporter of breast cancer research and, in October 2003, performed in a London comedy show titled Funny Women. The show raised money for breast cancer research, as well as awareness of domestic violence.
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