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Birth name: Wanda Sykes-Hall.
Born: March 7, 1964 Portsmouth, Virginia, U.S..
Height: 5' 2" (1.57 m).
Spouse(s) :
-David Hall (1991-1998) Divorced.

Wanda Sykes biography (bio):
Wanda Sykes is also known as Wanda Sykes-Hall, is an Emmy-winning American stand-up comedian and actress. She is well known for her blunt observations on current events, the difference between the sexes and races, and life in general.

Wanda Sykes Career:
She began her standup career in 1987 when she entered a Washington D.C.-area talent competition. Although she lost, Wanda Sykes discovered a passion for comedy. Wanda Sykes continued to hone her talents at local venues while working as a procurement officer at the National Security Agency (NSA). In 1992, she left the NSA and moved to New York. Her first big break came when opening for Chris Rock at Caroline's Comedy Club. In 1997, Wanda Sykes joined the writing team on The Chris Rock Show. Since that time, she has appeared in such films as Pootie Tang and on TV shows such as Curb Your Enthusiasm. In 2003, she starred in her own short-lived Fox network sitcom, Wanda at Large.
Wanda Sykes had a short-lived show on Comedy Central called Wanda Does It, where she tries out various careers.
In addition to her film and television work, she is also an author. She wrote Yeah, I Said It, a book of humorous observations on various topics, published in September 2004.
In 2006, Wanda Sykes landed a recurring role on the sitcom The New Adventures of Old Christine. Wanda Sykes also provided voices for the 2006 films Over the Hedge, Barnyard and Brother Bear 2.
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Wanda Sykes : Wanda-Sykes-cc03
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Wanda Sykes : Wanda-Sykes-cc02
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Wanda Sykes : Wanda Sykes-CSH-024330
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