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The Fratellis played their first ever gig on March 4, 2005 in the O'Henry's bar in Glasgow, and have since made their breakthrough year in 2006. They started as a four piece with Mince as the lead guitarist, but soon changed to a three piece with Mince on drums after finding that it better suited them that way. They were discovered by their manager Tony Fratelli in McChuills Bar, Glasgow and then quickly signed by Fallout records after just 9 gigs. The Fratellis EP was released April 3, 2006, featuring the tracks "Creepin' Up The Backstairs", "Stacie Anne" and "The Gutterati?". Due to its limited availability, copies can now be found reaching more than £30 on eBay.
The band received their first radio play in 2005 on central Scotland's Beat 106 (now X-FM Scotland) Beatscene show (now X-Posure) hosted by Jim Gellatly.
Different sources suggest different origins for the name of the band. The word "fratelli" in Italian means "brothers", however as the band's members are not brothers this does not serve as an explanation. Some claim it derives from the 1985 movie The Goonies; however, the band denied this live on air on BBC Radio 2's Jonathan Ross Show on 9 September, 2006. Others tell of the band forming from a four-piece band who would play at weddings. However in an interview in The Sun newspaper, it is implied that the name is taken from bassist Barry, whose original surname is reportedly Fratelli, the other members of the band simply adopting that as a pseudonym. NME ran a two page feature on The Fratellis in the August 10, 2006 issue proclaiming them "the best new band in Britain".
The band met after drummer Mince placed an ad in Glasgow musical instrument retailer Sound Control. So as not to upset a band he was in at the time, he placed the ad under a different name. The ad apparently asked for band members "looking to conquer the world". There is speculation about this as other sources claim that they met while they were working on a fairground.
On 14th February 2007 they won the Best British Breakthrough Act, voted for by Radio One listeners, at the 2007 BRIT Awards.

-Barry Fratelli.
-Mince Fratelli.
-Jon Fratelli.
The Fratellis : Fratellis-band-u01
The Fratellis : Fratellis-band-u01
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The Fratellis - The Fratellis - ep album cover
The Fratellis - The Fratellis - ep album cover
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The Fratellis - Fratellis ole black n blue eyes album cover
The Fratellis - Fratellis ole black n blue eyes album cover
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