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*** August 3rd, 2009
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Ibrahim Khalil Dashti was born in 1987 in Kuwait. Since an early age, Ibrahim’s passion for music was obvious both to his parents and relatives. His musical talent and lovely voice were what encouraged this Kuwaiti guy into joining LBC Star academy season 6 in 2009. His only motive for casting early this year was to refine his own artistic talent which is needed to go ahead with an entertainment. Ibrahim was instantly approved by the casting jury of star academy6.

An interview with his cousin and two brothers revealed some personal information about this vibrant guy. They all agreed on some personal traits of Ibrahim, those like being kind hearted, extremely shy, sometimes easily evoked, and a sport-addict!

When asked about Ibrahim’s admission to star academy, they told the story of his parent’s refusal. It seems that Ibrahim’s dad, Mr. Khalil Dashti, had a total opposite opinion when it came to professionally singing! Ibrahim was always turned down whenever he brought the subject of joining staracademy which made him hide his intention until he was accepted thoroughly. Later, Ibrahim’s father and mother were convinced especially after he promised to continue his prayers to God, behave according to traditions, and make Kuwaiti people proud.

Ibrahim was one of the final four students of the season competing for the title along with Basma from Morocco, Michel from Lebanon, and Azooz from Saudi Arabia. Soon after starac 6 came to an end, Ibrahim became instantly involved in recording his own songs as well as joining the Ramadan icon Dawood Hussein in his upcoming light-comedy-series for the upcoming Ramadan. We will be seeing alot of Ibrahim the few next month.
ibrahim first evaluation of LBC star academy season6
ibrahim first evaluation of LBC star academy season6
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