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The Ark is a Swedish glam rock band formed in 1991 by Ola Salo, Mikael Jepson, and Lasse "Leari" Ljungberg, when Ola Salo and Leari were only fourteen years old. Martin Axn officially joined the band in 1997, and Sylvester Schlegel in 1999. In late 2006, Jens Andersson joined The Ark as an official member. He had at that point played live with the band for several years.

Generally written in a collaborative effort by the band, the Ark's lyrics are sometimes controversial. For example, the 2002 single "Father of a Son" is about homosexuals' right to have children. In October 2006, the band and Ola Salo were criticized by members of the U.S. public for some controversial comments referencing 9/11 that were apparently part of the joking banter between songs as the band performed at the opening festivities for the new Swedish embassy in Washington, D.C. This was unfortunate timing, as the free concert was the kick off for the band's U.S. tour.

The Ark participated in the Swedish Melodifestivalen 2007 with the song "The Worrying Kind". The song, which won the contest after capturing both the popular vote and the jury's vote, was written by Ola Salo. The song was Sweden's Eurovision 2007 entry, and is also included in The Ark's fourth album Prayer for the Weekend, released in April 2007. Despite being a bookmaker favorite, they finished in 18th place (out of 24) with only 51 points, compared to winning Serbia's 268 points. "Absolutely No Decorum", the first single from the album, was released in January 2007.

The Ark has collaborated with artists such as The Darkness and The Cardigans.

"One Of Us Is Gonna Die Young" was used in the 2007 snowboarding video, "Picture This" from Mack Dawg Productions for Seth Huot and Andreas Wiig's video part.

-Ola Salo.
-Sylvester Schlegel.
-Martin Axn.
-Mikael Jepson.
-Lars "Leari" Ljungberg.
-Jens Andersson.
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The Ark : The-Ark-band-ga01
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The Ark : The-Ark-band-ga02
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The Ark : The-Ark-band-ga03
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